Adam Lz Biography, Net Worth & Other Facts You Need To Know

Adam Lz Biography, Net Worth & Other Facts You Need To Know

While most YouTubers wanted to make a name for themselves in the world of vlogging by using fashion, comedy, or lifestyle to integrate themselves into the lives of viewers around the world, Adam Lz had a different idea. He decided to follow the path he hadn’t taken by pursuing adventure and his passion, which, thanks to his courage and talent as a BMX rider, made him one of the most popular characters on the content-sharing platform and beyond.

Early on, Adam was passionate about wakeboarding, mainly for the thrill and fun, but soon he was drawn to bikes and cars because it allowed him to race with his friends instead of doing it alone.

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His little activity with his friends soon became a big part of his life, and he started a YouTube channel to share some of their exploits while teaching people about the delicate craft of BMX riding. His channel grew in popularity and reach, gaining thousands of subscribers every day. Currently, Adam Lz’s channel of the same name has over 2.5 million subscribers and about 400 million hits. As for the extreme sports section of YouTube, he is one of the most talented and famous people creating content for this niche.

Adam Lz Biography, Net Worth & Other Facts You Need To Know
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Who is Adam Lz and How Old is He?

The real name of the American BMX rider is Adam Lizotte-Zeisler. He was born on May 5, 1995, in a small farm town called Woodbury in Connecticut. He had a normal and uneventful childhood, attended high school in his hometown before he went to the University of Florida where he studied business administration with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Adam Lz began his career as a blogger and content creator in February 2013 in the hope of attracting a modest number of subscribers who would appreciate the stunts he performs on his BMX with his friends and which he films and shares on his YouTube channel. Adam has come a long way since then, exceeding every dream he had a hundred times over.

The videos on his channel mostly show him doing some kind of stunt, drifting and working with super-fast cars and motorcycles. He also regularly creates tutorials for those who want to learn how to do simple stunts like bar-spins, 360s and so on. All this and more has helped to increase his popularity and lead him to success.

Over the years, Adam Lz has uploaded a lot of content to his channel and shifted from pure BMX riding to extreme sports. Many of his videos have accumulated millions of hits, among which the most popular are Scaring my mom in her own car, Walmart Game of Bike, Tanner, and Taylor get a ride in a Shelby GT350 and Webisode 44-Canada. Adam signed a partnership agreement with Extreme Video Network in June 2016, marking a new beginning in his career.

Adam is also a businessman with a thriving fashion line and an online merchandise store. He owns and operates a store in Central Florida with his boyfriend. The store is called LZBMX and sells parts for BMX and some other brands.

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What Is His Net Worth?

Adam Lz has made a lot of money through his career as a content creator on YouTube. He also has other sources of income like his various shops and his part-time job as a BMX instructor. His net worth is estimated to be about $1 million, which is growing steadily every day.

Adam Lz Biography, Net Worth & Other Facts You Need To Know
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Other Facts To Know About Adam Lz 

1. The BMX rider was formerly a happily married man In July 2016 he exchanged marriage vows with his girlfriend Nicole Frye. Their wedding was generous and was attended by many YouTube personalities besides family and friends. But Adam and Nicole announced their separation in December 2018.

2. He met his wife in 2013 while they were both studying at the University of Central Florida.

3. His wife also knows how to ride BMX and showed her skills from time to time in his videos.

4. Adam Lz has a selection of first-class cars including a 2017 Mustang GT350, a 1999 Nissan Silvia Project (S15), a 1995 Mazda Miata, and a 2015 Mini Cooper S.

5. In August 2016 he bought his dream home, a magnificent villa in central Florida with a 3-part garage and many rooms.