Adam LZ Wife or Girlfriend & Family, Is He Divorced?

Adam LZ Wife or Girlfriend & Family, Is He Divorced?

Adam LZ is deeply rooted in the BMX world; the self-taught BMX rider was catapulted to fame by his creative and complementary entrepreneurial spirit. Considered one of the best, extremely talented and adventurous rider, he is not afraid to try new things and always goes after his heart’s desire. What’s more, Adam excels in everything he does and has successfully built a brand both off- and online at a very young age. Learn more about him below…

Who is Adam LZ?

The Connecticut-born Adam Lizotte-Zeisler was welcomed into the world on May 5, 1995. Details about his parents, family background and basic education were not disclosed, but it is known that Adam’s parents are divorced and both parties now live in different cities. Lizotte-Zeisler grew up in his home town of Woodbury and was a typical child who loved BMX bikes and video games. He also loved wakeboarding, but soon he got bored of water sports and concentrated more on cycling with his friends.

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Adam LZ, a talented guy who was also interested in the guitar, was looking for a bigger platform to showcase his talents and took advantage of this digital era. In 2010, LZ launched his first YouTube channel, where he published content about guitar and BMX. Maybe the channel did not meet Adam’s expectations, so after a while, he decided to end it, restructure it and make a new start.

Adam LZ Wife or Girlfriend & Family, Is He Divorced?
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While studying business administration with a focus on entrepreneurship at the University of Central Florida, Adam LZ made a big comeback in 2013 with his new YouTube channel LZBMX. The new channel offered diverse content ranging from BMX tutorials to car-related topics and travel vlogs. The extremely talented BMX rider and the friendly and charming personality of YouTuber soon earned him a huge fan base both offline and online.

After teaching children all over the world various bike tricks and stunts, Adam LZ was once considered one of the best professional riders ever. Adam has also collaborated with some top sports brands and other YouTube stars in his videos. Today the internet star boasts over 1.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Despite his gradual shift from BMX to cars and drift-related content, Adam LZ’s fan base continues to grow at a productive rate. In addition to his YouTube channel, LZ has also built a strong fan base on other popular social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Adam LZ also wears the cap of an entrepreneur. The young entrepreneur is active in the fashion industry as an online seller with the clothing brand LZMFG, which offers various items of clothing from stickers to hoodies, shirts and much more. In collaboration with his friend James Harvey, Adam also has a store in Floridian dedicated to selling BMX spare parts.

Is He Married or Dating Anyone?

Since Adam LZ came into the spotlight, he has only been romantically involved with one woman. He married his college sweetheart, Nicole Frye. The couple’s love trip dates back to 2013 when they were just studying at the University of Central Florida.

Adam and Nicole started out as friends and soon connected through their common interests. The couple dated for a while and then intensified their relationship shortly after college. In mid-2016 the two exchanged their marriage vows and began living together in Orlando, Florida.

Adam LZ Wife or Girlfriend & Family, Is He Divorced?
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Even more than their romantic relationship, Adam and Nicole were career collaborators. Nicole is an avid skateboarder and cyclist who eventually became an integral part of the YouTube videos of her husband and his brand. In addition to creating content together, Nicole demonstrated her BMX skills and appeared in some of Adam’s videos.

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Is Adam LZ Divorced?

There has been speculation that the couple’s marriage may have gone awry towards the end of 2018 after the conspicuous absence of Nicole Frye in Adam LZ’s videos. The couple later confirmed in a video from December 2018 that they had marital problems. Although they did not mention in the video whether they would get divorced, one of Adam’s January 2019 videos was a hint at the obvious.

Both parties have kept the details of their split under wraps and it is uncertain what their settlement plans will be. But considering that Adam’s wife was an integral part of his success and brand during the period of their marriage, one can be sure that Nicole could get a fair settlement. Their union did not produce children.

The separation has obviously put Adam under a lot of emotional strain, and it is uncertain if the YouTuber is ready to give love another chance in the near future. For the time being, it is assumed that the 1.5-meter YouTuber is exclusively geared towards the growth of his business.