Adelaide Kane Biography, Is She Dating Anyone? Who Is The Boyfriend?

Adelaide Kane Biography, Is She Dating Anyone? Who Is The Boyfriend?

The beautiful Australian diva Adelaide Kane is a face that any Teen Wolf fan would know. She distinguished herself as an outstanding actress with her portrayal of Cora Hale in the series, and her fame has only grown since then. But if you are not a Teen Wolf fan, you might remember her performance of Tenaya in Power Rangers RPM.

As she takes on more and more roles and polishes her skills to perfection, Adelaide Kane has become a very spirited and sought-after actress. Read on as we tell you how she came to this happiness.

Adelaide Kane Biography

Adelaide Kane was born in Claremont, Australia on August 9, 1990, to a Scottish father and mother of Scottish, Irish and French descent, and grew up in Perth alongside her younger brother William. Both were raised by their mother alone after she was divorced from her father when Adelaide was just 7 years old. Young Kane received her formal education at St. Hilda’s Anglican School for girls.

Adelaide, or Addie as she is affectionately known and who is no novice in the world of performing arts, ventured into the arts at the age of 3. She started singing and acting, but her professional career really took off when she was six years old and worked in some newspaper ads, from which she moved on to children’s TV shows and finally to other TV commercials for adults.

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Adelaide Kane Biography, Is She Dating Anyone? Who Is The Boyfriend?
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In her early acting years she acted in theater shows such as the remake of the drama “Fiddler on the Roof” from 1971, “Anything Goes”, “Wizard of Oz”, “Oliver!” and similar roles that didn’t get her where she really wanted to be.

Her breakthrough came in 2006 when she was chosen as Lolly Allen for the cast of the film Neighbours, based on a chance encounter. This happened after many convictions of her friends, who had convinced her well to participate in the competition of the magazine Dolly, which she had never believed she had a chance to win. In December of the same year, Adelaide left the show in a public screening when her three-month contract expired and was not renewed.

In 2009, she joined the cast of Power Rangers RPM, where she thrilled fans in the role of Tenaya 7, which kept her busy from March to December of that year. She went away for another 3 years and returned in 2012 with a bang as part of the cast of Teen Wolf in the role of Cora.

Since then, it has been a very busy few years for Kane, whose demand has certainly exceeded expectations as she seemed to have found her rightful place in television series. Her most recent works include the series Reign, Dragons: Race to the Edge, Once Upon A Time; and the films Goats (2012), The Purge (2013), The Devil’s Hand (2014), and Realm (2015).

The work of Adelaide Kane’s hands has certainly been very productive for her bank accounts, and although the exact figure for her salary is not known, we do know that it has grown over the years, increasing her net worth to an estimated $5 million.

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Is She Dating Anyone?

To answer the above question, Adelaide Kane has been dating someone for as long as we have known her. But unlike other celebrities, Adelaide Kane doesn’t have a long list of guys she has dated or hooked up with, but one thing we do know for sure is that she prefers to be with guys from her world.

Adelaide Kane Biography, Is She Dating Anyone? Who Is The Boyfriend?
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She first dated actor Conner Paolo in 2011, and it seemed like they got along until the rumor of their separation in 2013. Then we realized that she had moved from her time at Teen Wolf to Ian Bohen, but no one knew when that too would end.

Next came her very well-publicized relationship with Australian actor Sean Teale, whom she met on the set of the film Reigns. The duo dated from 2014 to 2016, when she moved to Toby Regbo, who was also her co-star in Reigns, but they didn’t last long either.

Who Is Her Boyfriend?

The spirited Adelaide is currently dating Joey Pauline, co-owner and CEO of The Laundry Room. There were rumors that the couple started dating in early 2017 and attempts were made to keep them away from the media, but their social media posts betrayed them and gave us a glimpse of their romance as they shared their beloved pictures on their walls.

Pauline’s The Laundry Room is a clothing brand that he owns with his brother Jonah Pauline. The two are unconventional businessmen who opened their own clothing line in their twenties with the goal of setting basic goals that would benefit everyone, and so far they seem to have done a pretty good job.