Alicia Silverstone – Age, Husband & Kids, Where Is She Now?

It’s been two decades since a flaky and fearless main character named Cher in the blockbuster movie Clueless enchanted the audience and won our hearts blissfully. At the time, many of us thought that the career of Alicia Silverstone, who played the role, had gained a firm foothold in the spotlight and that she would become Hollywood’s next big, sought-after star. However, she wasn’t lucky enough to enjoy all the fame she gained after seemingly disappearing from the public eye for so long. And where is she now? Find out all about the beauty and her current position in Hollywood.

Alicia Silverstone Biography

Alicia was born on October 4, 1976, and grew up in California with her father Monty Silverstone, who worked as an English real estate agent, while her mother worked as a Scottish pan AM flight attendant. She grew up in the Jewish faith, which was her father’s religion, but Alicia later switched to conservative Judaism because of her mother. She has two older siblings, a brother named David Silverstone and a half-sister from her father’s previous marriage named Kezi Silverstone. She went to school at Crocker Middle School and then to San Mateo High School.

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Silverstone began her career in the modeling industry as a six-year-old child before switching to television advertising and working for major brands like Domino’s Pizza. She discovered her passion for acting as a teenager and at the age of 17 she made her film debut in The Crush (1993).

The show was successful and won her an MTV Movie Award for Best Groundbreaking Achievement. Her great fame, however, came when she appeared in the film Clueless in 1995, with greater opportunities available to her, including the chance to star in Batman, which many said would bring a dark fate to her career.

Alicia Silverstone – Age, Husband & Kids, Where Is She Now?
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Nonetheless, she made a comeback after the role with an appearance in the NBC series Miss Match (2003), for which she received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress – TV series musical or comedy. She hasn’t performed since then and the small celebrity she collected in the 1990s seems to have dried up.

Where Is She Now?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Alicia Silverstone is Clueless Valley Girl Cher, the beautiful blonde girl with big, soft, dark eyes who became extremely popular at Bronson Alcott High School because of her wealth and looks. Or perhaps her role as Batgirl, in Batman and Robin, a role that is believed to have brought bad luck to her career. Apart from these roles, you may have difficulty remembering anything she has done since then. And what’s even more surprising is that her career seemed to have a flourishing tendency back then, but instead her chances are dwindling.

The question is where she has been for over two decades. While many blame her role in Batman for ruining the career of Silverman and her co-star Chris O’Donnell, the actress’s long absence from Hollywood is entirely her own decision.

Yes, she won the raid for the worst supporting actress for this role, but her success was cut short for many other reasons. First of all the fame was too big for the woman whose greatest career dream was to be only in the theater and not in the film business. In an interview, she described herself as a theater girl and revealed that she didn’t have the urge to compete for TV fame.

Second, she wanted to use her fame to save the world, especially animals and children, instead of joining the glamour and glitter train. So she got more involved in environmental and animal rights activism than acting and realized that she vowed to use her fame to do something useful for the world.

Nevertheless, the actress did not throw her acting career away completely, even though she lost her initial great success. She suddenly seems to be everywhere in the movies, although none can compare with the success from the early days of her career. Some of her recent work includes a supporting role in Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed from 2004, a teacher in The Art of Getting By (2011) and a supporting role in Stormbreaker (2006).

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In recent years she has appeared in over 15 films and TV shows, including The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017), The Tribes of Palos (2017), Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, etc. Since the 2000s she has also made numerous TV appearances, including the cartoon series Braceface (2001), Suburgatory (2001), and many others.

Not long ago she started her TV work, a comedy series called American Woman on the US channel TV Land, which is loosely based on the life of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards. But the series was canceled after her first series. As depressing as this may seem, Alicia Silverstone is now concentrating on her upcoming projects and has promised fans that they will see more of her these days.

Meet Her Husband & Kids

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Alicia is currently single and allowed to mingle. She and her husband Christopher Jarecki from 1997 have recently separated. The two ex-lovers met for the first time in front of a movie theater and immediately started dating. After eight years of relationship, during which they were engaged for a year, they walked down the aisle in 2005 at a glamorous outdoor event at Lake Tahoe. The interesting thing about their engagement was that Silverstone received the ring from Jarecki’s grandmother. In 2011 Silverstone gave birth to her son and it seemed that the couple was as in love as on the first day. But the duo shocked the world with the news of their separation and divorce in February 2018 and Alicia filed for divorce in May 2018 and is happy to pursue her dream.