Amanda Cerny Bio, Net Worth, Parents and Boyfriend
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Amanda Cerny is one of the most famous social media personalities in the world. She achieved fame through her outstanding career as a model and actress, which she then used to penetrate other media such as Vine and YouTube, where her comedic and entertaining content attracts millions of followers who frequently visit her sites to see what she’s up to. Her content is very diverse, ranging from health and fitness vlogs to comedy sketches, challenges, and lifestyle videos. Her original content has enabled her to attract over 1.8 million subscribers to her channel, a number that continues to grow every day.

Corny’s popularity is not limited to YouTube, as she has gained over 800,000 followers on Twitter and more than 25 million people eagerly following her on Instagram. Her site is considered one of the fastest-growing Instagram accounts, winning about 1 million new followers each month and being among the top five most-viewed stories around the world. All these achievements have helped to confirm and further promote her status as part of the leading influencers and social media giants of this generation.

In addition to her achievements in the digital space, Amanda has also established herself in traditional media and beyond. The talented creative has written, directed, and produced over 3,000 comedy sketches, coupled with music videos starring influential artists, established actors, and talented performers from around the world. She has worked with or collaborated with such prestigious companies as NBC, Millennium Films, Comedy Central, Paramount, and Lake Shore.

Amanda Cerny Bio, Net Worth, Parents and Boyfriend
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Who is Amanda Cerny and How Old is She?

This versatile personality was born on June 26, 1991, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She attended Martin County High School and then went to Florida State University where she studied International Relations but dropped out before graduating. She began her career as a model when she was only 15 years old and has appeared in photoshoots for some local brands, magazines, and collaborative projects.

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Her meteoric rise into the spotlight began when she appeared in the famous Playboy magazine as a playmate for the October 2011 issue. For Amanda Cerny, a dream came true, as she had wanted to appear in the magazine since 2008 when one of her friends was chosen as the centerfold for the October issue of the year. She started sending pictures of herself to the editorial office until she was finally invited to a test shoot, which led to the selection for publication in the magazine.

After the issue in which her photos were published, Amanda became a sought-after model, with requests and job offers coming in from all angles. It was around this time that she joined the video content exchange platform, Vine, and began publishing fun clips that soon attracted millions of visitors. When Vine folded, she had accumulated 4.6 million followers.

Amanda Corny’s fame also comes from YouTube, where she blogs about a variety of things with her characteristically cheerful attitude that has drawn millions of subscribers to her site. Her other notable professional achievements include appearances in several films, television series, short films and music videos such as Adam DeVine’s House Party, The Bet, Internet Famous, Hello Ladies, Shane & Friends, The Deleted, 211 and Dead House among others.

Amanda also has an entrepreneurial spirit. She is the founder of ZEUS, an on-demand video service that was recently launched. She has a big heart and is actively involved in charities, including relief efforts in Puerto Rico and Haiti.

Her Net Worth

By working with companies such as Beats by Dre, Ubisoft, Guess, Nike, Universal, and Mike Jacobs, Amanda Cerny is constantly earning huge paychecks from her career as a YouTuber, model, and actress. Her net worth is estimated at over $700,000 and is expected to increase as she reaches new heights in her career.

Amanda Cerny Bio, Net Worth, Parents and Boyfriend
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Amanda Cerny’s Parents and Boyfriend

The brilliant model and actress is the daughter of Amy Lee Reed and Russell Cerny. Her parents are currently divorced and her mother is now married to her business partner Jason Paul Reed. Her father has also remarried. His new wife is called Zemira Cerny. Amanda shares a close bond with her mother and talks about her frequently and shares her pictures on social media, but there seems to be no such love between the YouTuber and her father. She has two siblings named Nick Bateman and Samantha Cerny, who are both older than her.

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Amanda Cerny has led an active dating life, which is not surprising considering how beautiful and famous she is. In the past, she has had a relationship with Dane Cook as well as with her social media colleagues, King Bach and Keagan Allen. She was also romantically involved with pop superstar Justin Bieber, followed by the YouTuber, Logan Paul. Currently, Amanda is in a loving and happy relationship with the fitness model Johannes Bartl, with whom she has been dating since September 2017.

Amanda Cerny Height

Amanda Cerny is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 59 kg. Amanda Cerny has dark brown eyes and a body that seems destined never to stop.