Are David Chang And His Wife Grace Seo Chang Still Married?

Are David Chang And His Wife Grace Seo Chang Still Married?

America has always prided itself on being a place where anyone, regardless of ethnicity or profession, can succeed. This is especially true of David Chang, the son of Korean immigrants, who has become a renowned chef with international recognition. David Chang and his wife, Grace Seo Chang, have become full-fledged American personalities through their culinary art.

For the couple’s fans, especially David Chang, it is still part of the ritual of the “Changian” lifestyle to keep up with their private lives. In this article, we answer some of these popular questions about the status of their marriage, along with other interesting facts.

How Did David Chang and Grace Seo Chang Meet?

Despite the happiness and joy, David Chang shows whenever he is asked about his wife, he has managed to keep the juiciest details away from the intrusive media.

At the moment we only know about their journey as a couple that they met a few years after David Chang and his ex-fiancée Gloria Lee separated in September 2013. Gloria, who worked in public relations for Gucci in the United States, had broken up with David because she feared the impact his fame would have on their relationship.

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Are David Chang And His Wife Grace Seo Chang Still Married?
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After the tragic end of his love story with Gloria, David Chang found the will to go on. He met Grace Seo Chang and they fell in love, which he shared with the world in April 2016.

Fans were waiting to watch their favorite chef walk down the aisle, but it wasn’t to be because in 2017 Grace Seo and David Chang eloped and got married in a very private ceremony in front of a few close friends and family members.

Is David Chang and His Wife Still Married?

With all the fame and prestige that surrounds David Chang’s life as a cook and restaurateur, very little is known about his private life. Therefore it was a surprise for fans and observers when Grace Seo Chang was appointed his wife in 2017.

Since their marriage has become official, David Chang and his wife have carried on in the same way they did before the exchange of vows in a very private ceremony – they have kept their marriage away from the media.

So far, very little information about the details of their marriage has reached the media. However, according to a promise made by her friend Chrissy Teigen, which was then confirmed by David Chang himself, we know that Grace Seo Chang and David are expecting their first child sometime in the last months of 2019.

Given the exciting news of the arrival of a baby in the Chang family, it is safe to say that everything is fine in their household and they are still married and enjoying the time of their lives together.

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Are David Chang And His Wife Grace Seo Chang Still Married?
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Facts To Know About Grace Seo Chang

We know that the wife of David Chang Grace is Seo Chang, but apart from this irrefutable fact, fans know very little about the wife of the popular restaurant owner.

In our investigation, however, we have found and compiled information in several interviews she has granted to learn a few things about the famous chef’s wife. First of all, we know that Grace Seo Chang used to work in the fashion industry, and although she may not be as much of a cook as her husband, she is equally passionate about food, especially Korean food, which includes the hub mille-feuille.

Apart from her interest in food, we also know that David Chang’s wife is an animal lover and that there is a dog in the Changs’ household. The dog can be found not only in her home but also on Grace’s Instagram site, @graceseo, where she has more than 14 thousand followers.

As for her background, Grace Seo Chang, just like her husband, is also of Korean descent, although it is not known whether she immigrated from Korea with her parents or was born in America. She was raised by her mother together with her only brother, a sibling.