Ashley Graham Net Worth, Husband & Body Measurements, Biography

Ashley Graham –Net Worth, Husband & Body Measurements – Biography

Ashley Graham is the oversized model who was the subject of controversy in 2010 over the censorship of advertising content between TV station ABC and clothing giant Lane Bryant. Lane Bryant had accused ABC of refusing to broadcast his commercial with a new lingerie line called Cacique on the hit series Dancing With The Stars, implying that ABC was discriminating against her model Ashley just because she was oversized.

Although ABC denied the allegation and called it a publicity stunt, the accusations and counter-accusations that emerged became an incident that put Ashley in the spotlight. Here’s everything you need to know about the model.

Ashley Graham Bio

The model was born on 30 October 1987. Her exact birthplace is not known to us, but she is said to have moved with her family to Lincoln Nebraska when she was in 8th grade. Growing up in Cornhusker State, Ashley attended Scott Middle School in Lincoln before she went to Lincoln-West High School, which she graduated from in 2005.

Ashley Graham Net Worth, Husband & Body Measurements, Biography
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Ashley Graham must be familiar with overcoming difficulties in her life. From the beginning, she always wanted to be a model, but her plump body was not accepted in the industry at that time. Her father even almost teasingly suggested that she undergo a weight loss program so that she could realize her dream of becoming a model. However, she received all the encouragement she needed from her mother Linda Graham.

Eventually, she created a niche for herself in the industry and pioneered other oversized ladies who wanted to become models. But this was not the first time she had overcome a major setback in her life. At school, she had serious learning difficulties as she was diagnosed early with dyslexia and attention deficit syndrome (ADD).

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Ashley Graham Net Worth

Despite so many setbacks along her career path, Ashley Graham has managed to build one of the most impressive modeling careers you can find in the industry. She earns her money exclusively in modeling-related businesses. For example, she is paid for appearances in magazines and for representing clothing lines. She also appears regularly on television shows where she tells her unique story to encourage others who may have experienced the same or similar setbacks as she did. She has even written a book called A New Model: What beauty, confidence, and power really look like. From all these sources, Ashley Graham has a net worth of over $10 million, according to general reports.

Who is Ashley Graham’s Husband?

Over the centuries, our society has built up stereotypes for everything, including relative values such as the beauty and acceptance of a woman. One of these stereotypes, which seemingly only reconcile beauty with slender bodies, is what Ashley Graham has successfully challenged in her career. But how successfully has she done so in her married life? How much love has she been able to find for her body type despite social reservations? Let’s see.

First of all, the size 16 model is happily married to a black American videographer named Justin Ervin. Ashley met Justin at church sometime in 2009. Their courtship was uniquely marked by a video diary that they have kept together since the beginning of their relationship. The Justin and Ashley Show”, as the video diary is now affectionately known in some parts of the media, should allow them to easily retrace the moments of their courtship. By also recording the diary, Justin proved that his career as a videographer was not in vain. In one particular interview, Ashley pounced on Justin, describing him as ‘amazing’ and making oblique references to his creativity as a person. So there’s no doubt that the idea of the video diary was one of the things that attracted him to her.

Ashley Graham Net Worth, Husband & Body Measurements, Biography
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Barely a year after the couple was together, Justin Ashley proposed to Ashley with a gold ring. The couple was sitting together at Justin’s base in Brooklyn recording an episode of Justin and Ashley show when the videographer suddenly reached into his pocket to pull out the ring, which Ashley accepted immediately.

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But, just like her education and career, Ashley Graham’s married life began to suffer a major setback from the beginning. The setback came not from the couple themselves, but from racial discrimination by Ashley’s family. Ashley is a Caucasian with English and German roots, while Justin is a black American. So Ashley’s family was vehemently against the idea that she should marry a black man. However, this could not stop the couple. Their wedding took place later that year.

Weight, Height, and Other Body Measurements

Ashley Graham stands at a height of 5 feet 9 1/2 inches and weighs 169 lb. With body measurements of 42-31.5-46, her dress size is 16 (US), 48 (EU), and 20 (UK). Her hair and eye color are brown.