Autumn Calabrese Bio, Ex-Husband, Net Worth and Family Facts

Autumn Calabrese Bio, Ex-Husband, Net Worth and Family Facts

Autumn Calabrese has been in the spotlight for many years because it is a fitness icon and an important inspiration for many women who struggle to stay fit and eat healthily. As a polyphonist, she has written bestsellers, trained many fitness enthusiasts, and participated in several national bikini competitions.

Of all her incredible projects, the celebrity fitness trainer is best known for creating the “21 Day Fix Diet” exercise plan, which was instrumental in helping her fame skyrocket. Here you will find everything you need to know about Autumn Calabrese, from information about her family to her assets and more.

Autumn Calabrese – Bio

The fitness trainer comes from Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States. She was born in the city on September 23, 1980. Apart from this information, nothing else is known about her family background and childhood.

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However, we can state that she has an older sister named Callie Calabrese and a brother named Bobby Calabrese. The former is a beach body coach, while the latter is a cook and has appeared alongside Autumn in her cooking show Fixate.

Autumn Calabrese – Bio, Ex-Husband, Net Worth and Family Facts
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Although the national bikini competitor did not mention this, it is assumed that she completed her early training in the USA. As for her university education, she studied fine arts at Webster University, where she graduated in 1998 and later enrolled in dance at the same institution, graduating in 2001.

In the fall she also received fitness certificates from The American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Before turning to fitness, the Cleveland native was a dancer. She began dancing at the age of 14, but her dream of becoming a professional dancer was dashed at a small liberal art school after a back injury during her studies.

Unimpressed by the ugly development, Autumn decided to start a fitness career and since then she has won the hearts of many people. She has also teamed up with several bodybuilders, including Sagi Kalev. The two worked together to develop a whole-body transformation program known as “The Master’s Hammer and Chisel”.

The professional trainer is the mastermind behind the “21 Day Fix Diet” exercise plan that took the Internet by storm. She is also the founder of the Mighty Mommies Fitness gym, which basically teaches women how to take care of their bodies and family even when they are pregnant. She founded the center in May 2006 and later introduced a new line of portion control known as “Change My Plate”.

Change My Plate was founded in October 2012 and is based in Los Angeles. It aims to teach people how to take care of themselves and their families.

Calabrese stands at a height of 5 feet in inches and weighs 59 kilograms. Her body measurements are indicated as 32 inches (chest), 25 inches (waist), and 35 inches (hips).

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Ex-Husband and Family Facts

Until early 2012, Calabrese was married to a restaurant manager whose name is still a mystery. The couple had one child, a son named Dominic, born January 22, 2008, and reportedly Autumn and her husband were doing well as a couple until the former decided to take a job.

Autumn Calabrese – Bio, Ex-Husband, Net Worth and Family Facts
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Her husband is said to have opposed the idea and insisted that she simply sit at home and take care of her son. But this did not go down well with the fitness trainer, and her husband allegedly stopped supporting her. At this point, the two decided to go their separate ways. Although they are no longer together, the two are still friends and supposedly live a mile away from their home.

Since the divorce of Autumn and her husband, she has been taking care of her only child. According to her, Dominic is and remains her top priority and the only one who inspires her to work hard.

Net Worth

With the money she earns from her flourishing career, Autumn Calabrese has been able to achieve a lot for her family. In addition to the money she has earned by winning numerous titles in various national bikini competitions in which she has participated, she also earned extra money with her studio City Home, which she reportedly sold for $2.35 million sometime in 2016.

There is currently no report on how much she earns annually, but her net worth is estimated at $9 million.