Barbara Bosson Acting Career, Net Worth, Spouse & Children

Barbara Bosson Acting Career, Net Worth, Spouse & Children

Barbara Bosson, a star who shone more brightly in the 70s and 80s, is best recognized for her outstanding performance as the grumpy Fay in NBC’s Hill Street Blues. Like most stars, Barbara Bosson had a humble beginning and took the rocky road to fame. Although her family could not afford to give her the educational support she needed, Bosson, who always wanted to act, finally pursued her dreams against all odds and successfully carved out a niche for herself in the ever-competitive entertainment industry. With five Emmy nominations and a once happy and secure Hollywood marriage behind her, find out why Barbara Bosson’s profile should not escape your attention.

Barbara Bosson Biography

The actress Barbara Bosson is a Pennsylvanian whose date of birth is November 1, 1939. She is one of the three children of John and Doris Bosson. Although her hometown is Charleroi, Barbara and her two brothers grew up in Belle Vernon until their teenage years, when their family moved to Florida.

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Bosson’s flair for the performing arts was already evident at a young age. Although she always wanted to act, Barbara first attended Boca Ciega High School in Gulfport. Her family couldn’t afford the college, so she later moved to New York in search of greener pastures and took different jobs where she worked as a secretary, theater assistant, and Playboy Bunny.

Barbara Bosson Acting Career, Net Worth, Spouse & Children
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In 1966 Bosson enrolled to hone her acting skills at the Carnegie Tech acting school in Pittsburgh, but after two years she quit to pursue a career in show business. She first joined the Committee, a comedy improvisation group based in San Francisco, but also performed in various cities including Los Angeles.

Acting Career

Barbara Bosson began her acting career at the theater. She worked for the American Conservatory Theater (ACT) for six years before she applied for auditions for roles on screen. Bosson made her television debut in 1969 in an episode of the series Mannix. Her other notable roles on the small screen include Richie Brockelman, Private Eye (1978), Hill Street Blues (1981 – 1985), L.A. Law (1986), Hooperman (1987 – 1989), Cop Rock (1990), Civil Wars (1992 – 1993), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1994), Murder One (1995 – 1997) and The New Adventures of Superman (1995). Barbara Bosso’s outstanding role as Fay Furillo in the NBC series Hill Street Blues earned her five Emmy Award nominations.

Bosson made her film debut with a supporting role in the 1968 film Bullitt, followed by other notable roles such as Emily in Mame in 1974 and Alva Lealock in Capricorn One in 1978. In the 1980s she played in Calendar Girl Murders (1984), The Last Starfighter (1984), The Starfighter Flight (1985), The Education of Allison Tate (1986), and Little Sweetheart (1989). In the 1990s Barbara was more active on television and appeared in only one film – Scattering Dad in 1998.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Although Barbara Bosson is no longer in her prime and has apparently retired from acting, she is considered a successful actress. Although her exact salary has not been disclosed, Bosson has accumulated a decent fortune over the years and can afford a comfortable lifestyle. Her net worth is currently around 6 million dollars.

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Barbara Bosson’s Spouse & Children

Barbara Bosson has a failed marriage behind her. The actress was once happily married to Steven Bochco. There is a lack of information about the romance of the former couple from the beginning. But it is no secret that they met while Bosson was studying at Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh. The couple didn’t start dating immediately, as Bochco was still married at that time. But after she left Carnegie, they started a romantic relationship after Bochco’s divorce. After dating for a while, they finally entered into a marriage in 1969.

Barbara Bosson Acting Career, Net Worth, Spouse & Children

While things were going well, the union of Barbara and Steven produced two children – a son Jesse John and a daughter Melissa. Barbara’s marriage to the Hot Street creator of Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, and Hooperman seemed like a dream wedding in Hollywood until they officially stopped in 1997. The circumstances of the former celebrity couple’s divorce have not been revealed to date. More than that, it remains uncertain if Bosson ever found love again, as she hasn’t been romantically connected with any other person since the time after Bochco.

Other Facts About Barbara Bosson

1. Though considered a successful actress, it is interesting to note that acting mostly made Bosson unhappy because of her inability to do what she wanted. In the course of her career, the talented actress always felt boxed in following a ‘succession of anemic, brainless second-banana roles’ she got in the industry.

2. Bosson is quite active on social media. While she may not be present on all popular social networking platforms, our investigations reveal she is active on Facebook.

3. Barbara Bosson has impressive physical features. The blonde-haired actress stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches. Her weight and other body measurements have not been disclosed. But judging by her looks in recent years, it is safe to say the Hill Street Blues star has maintained a good physique over the years.