Blair Underwood Wife, Kids, Brother, Family, Age, Height, Net Worth

It wasn’t just movies and on-screen activities for the talented actor Blair Underwood. He used to live in the four walls of military cantons or bases and had no idea that one day he would become a first-class entertainer. Blair is an actor and also a director whose works speak volumes in the world of film.

Blair Underwood Bio, Age

Blair Underwood was born on August 25, 1964, in Tacoma, Washington, with his parents Frank Eugene Underwood, his father, and Marilyn Ann Scales, his mother.

Blair Underwood Wife, Kids, Brother, Family, Age, Height, Net Worth

It may not all have been rosy, but Underwood had a cozy childhood and grew up with a military father. His father, along with his mother who was an interior designer, moved him to the United States and Stuttgart, Germany, where his father, a U.S. colonel, was a resident. When he was old enough for high school, he was in Virginia, where he attended Petersburg High School. His interest in acting was encouraged when he attended the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Blair Underwood made his debut in 1985 in the film Krush Groove, which deals with stage plays at school and supporting roles. The following year he appeared in the crime thriller Downtown. He appeared in the Cosby Show before appearing in TV series such as Life to Live, L.A. Law, 21 Jump Street in the late 1980s, and then showing the film Just Cause in 1995. Due to his coarse character in the legal drama L.A. Law, which was a fictional, ruthless undergrowth, the actor was actually confused with an arrogant personality at the time. But those close to him eliminated the misunderstandings about him.

Blair Underwood Wife, Kids, Brother, Family, Age, Height, Net Worth
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In the following years, he was to be seen in big movies like Set It Off and Deep Impact. 2003 was a good year for the talented actor, who played in four episodes of the unforgettable HBO television series Sex and the City.

Blair Underwood also made a name for himself in theatres in addition to his film dates. He is known for his character in Measure for Measure, which was shown at the New York Shakespeare Festival in 1993. He also played in The Game of Love and Chance and Love Letters, which he performed in 2002.

Blair Underwood Net Worth, Achievements

Blair Underwood has enough to show for his uniqueness and his outstanding roles. The talented actor has estimated his net worth at $8 million, which is reassuring for the considerable quota he has provided for the film industry.

Blair Underwood Wife, Kids, Brother, Family, Age, Height, Net Worth

Underwood, who received up to $120,000 as his salary for some of the shows he appeared on, was considered by some sources to be one of the most influential black actors in Hollywood. Not only does he live from movies, but Underwood also has several appearances on stage, thanks to his huge income. It will always be on the advance for the actor who is on a safe path to the top.

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Underwood has received many awards, including three NAACP Image Awards for his seven-year role in the L.A. Law series, Rules of Engagement, Murder in Mississippi, Mama Flora’s Family, and City of Angels. He earned a place in the Most Influential Faces of the 90s TV Guide.

Family – Wife, Kids, Brother

Blair Underwood has a brother, Frank Underwood, who also has a penchant for art. Frank is a writer who published his first novel, BORN OF PHYRE, in 2012. Underwood and his similar-looking brother are quite close and unwaveringly support each other in their efforts.

Blair Underwood Wife, Kids, Brother, Family, Age, Height, Net Worth

But there is no place for Underwood’s wife in the person of Desiree Dacosta. Underwood and his beautiful wife knotted in 1994 and have been together ever since. His marriage of over 20 years is indeed an inspiration and a good point of reference for newlyweds. The actor has proven that the spotlight can never stand in the way of a successful marriage. Who would believe that Underwood, who often played slippery roles, is a loving husband and father?

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The couple has three beautiful children together; two sons, Paris and Blake, and a daughter, Brielle Underwood.

Blair Underwood Height, Weight, Body Measurements

While his love life is intact, he is also not perceived as deficient in terms of physical appearance. Blair Underwood stands at a height of 5ft 11in, which is above average and proportional to his weight of 78kg.

The dark brown-eyed black American wears a size 12 (US) for his shoes.