Blake Griffin Bio, Career Stats, Injury, Parents, Kids, Wife, Net Worth

Blake Griffin Bio, Career Stats, Injury, Parents, Kids, Wife, Net Worth

The tall and handsome Detroit Pistons striker, Blake Griffin, is a popular basketball player who has been playing the game since high school, where he was raised under the tutelage of his own father, Tommy Griffin. His father happened to be working as a basketball coach at his school at the time he was there. Blake Griffin was inducted into the NBA in the 2009 draft with the 1st overall Los Angeles Clippers.

The famous basketball player’s tenure with the Clippers lasted from 2009 until January 29, 2018, when he joined the Detroit Pistons with his teammates Brice Johnson and Willie Reed in exchange for Boban Marjanovic, Avery Bradley, and Tobias Harris. Throughout his NBA career, Blake has played mostly in the power forward position, which has led to several highlight dunkings. Blake, who has been voted All-NBA All-Star four times and NBA All-Star five times, is considered one of the greatest basketball newcomers of all time.

Blake Griffin Biography & Age

Blake Austin Griffin was born on March 16, 1989, in Oklahoma City and is the younger son of Tommy and Gail Griffin. He grew up in Oklahoma with his older brother Taylor Griffin, who also plays basketball.

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Blake Griffin Bio, Career Stats, Injury, Parents, Kids, Wife, Net Worth
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A look at his educational background shows that Blake and his older brother Taylor began their formal education in eighth and tenth grade, respectively, after being home-schooled by their mother Gail. In eighth grade, Blake enrolled in the Oklahoma Christian School where he played basketball under the supervision of his father, who was the school’s basketball coach. The budding basketball player tried his hand at other sports like soccer and baseball before deciding to concentrate on basketball. He received his university education at Oklahoma College, where he received all available awards in his second year of study. Well-known media such as, Big 12, The Sporting News, and Sports Illustrated named him Player of the Year.


Blake comes from a line of great basketball players, his Afro-Haitian father Tommy Griffin was a celebrated basketball star at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, where he recorded impressive college statistics. Tommy currently earns his living as a basketball coach. Blake’s mother, Gail Griffin, is Caucasian, so Blake and his brother are of mixed descent.

Career Stats & Injury

Blake had to miss much of the 2009-2010 season due to a kneecap injury he sustained while attempting to land after a dunk in the last preseason game. This development delayed his debut in the NBA by seven full weeks. In January 2010 he had to undergo surgery on his broken kneecap when it failed to heal after a few weeks. The knee injury was also the reason why he was removed from the US team for the London Summer Olympics. Other injuries he has suffered include a quad injury sustained in the first round of the 2016 NBA playoffs and a right toe injury sustained in a game against Utah Jazz in 2017.

The Detroit Pistons’ power forward has had excellent career statistics since his 2009 NBA draft by the Los Angeles Clippers. With a total of 618 goals, he became the OU’s No. 1 player in the career field in terms of the percentage of goals scored. With a record of 11.8 rebounds per game, he took second place in rebounds per game. With a total of 40 doubles pairs, he finished third in this regard, and with 18.8 points per game, he was number six in points per game. His total number of rebounds was 805, making him ninth in total rebounds, and his total number of points was 1,278, making him 17th in total points per game.

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Kids & Wife

Blake Griffin Bio, Career Stats, Injury, Parents, Kids, Wife, Net Worth
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Blake Griffin has never been married, but he has been romantically involved with several women in the past, including an adult model – Kari Klinkenborg, Bethany Gerber, and an American model – Daniella Grace. He met his ex-girlfriend Brynn Cameron in 2009 and the two of them had a long-term relationship that lasted almost a decade. Brynn is the sister of Jordan Cameron, who is an ex-Tight End in the NFL.

Although they were expected to form a life-long bond and were eventually engaged, the couple sadly separated in 2017. Brynn and Blake have two children together, a daughter named Finley Elaine and a son named Ford Wilson. Brynn has said that although they are no longer together, they still talk to each other and care for their children together.

Blake Griffin Net Worth

The talented basketball player has earned a very good salary since his 2009 NBA draft. In addition to his annual salary and contracts, he has shot several commercials for multinational companies such as Kia Motors, Subway, Gamefly, and Vizio. His estimated net worth is an impressive $30 million, which is quite impressive.