Brad Kaaya Father, Mom, Net Worth & Biography

Brad Kaaya Father, Mom, Net Worth & Biography

As a career, football is by nature a profession with a very short shelf life, with the average duration of a career in the NFL statistically speaking being three and a half years. A career in the NFL is a risky decision with high rewards, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. For a short period of time, it worked for Brad Kaaya.

Brad Kaaya, as fans of American football probably know, is a quarterback who played for the Detroit Lions, the Indianapolis Colts. Expectations of a long and successful career in the NFL have been questioned since he was drafted by the Lions in the 2017 NFL draft after he has since moved to several teams.

For those who are curious about his journey and his time in the NFL so far, here is everything you need to know about Brad Kaaya.

Brad Kaaya Biography

Brad Kaaya was born on September 3, 1995, in Los Angles, California, the son of his parents who, as far as we know, raised him as an only child.

Brad Kaaya Father, Mom, Net Worth & Biography
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His basic education was completed at Chaminade College Preparatory School, where he began his life as a football player. His high school level achievements, which earned him the eighth-best quarterback in the country from scouting networks, earned him a soccer scholarship to the University of Miami, where he played in college soccer for the Miami Hurricanes.

In the Hurricanes, Brad Kaaya continued to deliver the exceptional performances that earned him a scholarship, leading his team to the Independence Bowl and Sun Bowl in the first two years of his college career. In his third season as a college player, Brad led his team to a performance at the Russell Athletic Bowl, winning his only team award in his final season at the Hurricanes before moving to the NFL.

As an individual player, Brad Kaaya has won personal awards such as being named third Team All-ACC in 2015 and ACC Rookie of the Year in 2014.

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NFL Career

Brad Kaaya officially joined the NFL in 2017 when he was recruited by the Detroit Lions as the 215th contestant in the sixth round of the draft. His election made him the Draft’s ninth quarterback, and although it was not a particularly prestigious position, Brad Kaaya should make something of his time in the NFL.

Unfortunately, he never had much of a chance, and his contract was terminated by the Lions in September 2017, and he was subsequently picked up by the Carolina Panthers. Within the same year (2017), the Panthers also canceled his contract and then picked him up again by the Lions, who accepted him into the team’s training squad.

Shortly before the year ended in December 2017, Brad Kaaya of the Indianapolis Colts was deregistered from the Lions until an injury sustained in August 2018 forced him off the team in February 2019.

Shortly after his release by the Colts, Brad Kaaya was picked up for a short time by the Cincinnati Bengals and eventually released to become a free agent.

Brad Kaaya Father, Mom, Net Worth & Biography
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Brad Kaaya Net Worth?

Since Brad Kaaya spent a short time in the league without his talents being a major factor in his contract, he has not made much money compared to his colleagues since he joined the NFL.

Nevertheless, a contract signed in 2017 as a rookie has earned him a salary of $465,000 and $555,000 in two years, bringing his income to just over $1 million since he joined the NFL.

However, taking into account taxes and other fees, it is difficult to determine his exact net worth at this time.

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Brad Kaaya’s Family: Mother And Father

Brad Kaaya was raised by his mother Angela Means, who is retired as an actress and now works as a vegan cook. His mother was known throughout her acting career for roles in films such as Friday, House Party 3, and the TV show Cousin Skeeter.

His mother has swapped the high-profile life in Hollywood for a more reserved one, as has his father, Brad Kaaya Sr., who used to be a screenwriter with credits for movies like O, Cousin Skeeter, Damon, and MADtv. His father was also a football fan who coached him during his Pop Warner football days.

It remains to be seen how Brad Kaaya’s career will ultimately end, but he will always have parents who are proud of him for his achievements to date.