Bret Baier Wife, Son, Family, Net Worth, Height, Where is He Now?

Bret Baier Wife, Son, Family, Net Worth, Height, Where is He Now?

William Bret Baier is an author and journalist of American nationality. He is best known as the presenter of the special report with Bret Baier that is broadcast on the Fox News Channel. Bret Baier is also the chief political anchor for Fox News, but his resume would be incomplete if he were not portrayed as a former White House chief correspondent for Fox News. He is the author of “Special Heart”: a journey of faith, hope, courage, and love. A book he wrote in dedication to his son, who has heart problems, is a sign of support in the struggle to overcome heart problems.

Biography in Brief

The journalist was born in Rumson, New Jersey on August 4, 1970, the son of Bill and Pat Baier, and grew up in Georgia and in the Roman Catholic faith. As a teenager, he served as an altar boy in the Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity. Bret attended a private Roman Catholic high school called Marist High School in Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated in 1988. He then received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and English from DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana in 1992. During his college years, Bret was a member of the Xi Chapter of the Sigma Chi Brotherhood.

His Career

Bret’s career as a journalist and television personality began when he took a job with a local television station in Rockford, Illinois. From there he moved to WRAL-TV in North Carolina before joining CBS to boost his career. He wanted a place where he could show his work and connect with the world. He finally succeeded with the Fox News Channel. He had sent a video presentation to the channel and in 1998 Bret was called up and began working at the news channel as the head of the Atlanta office.

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Bret Baier Wife, Son, Family, Net Worth, Height, Where is He Now?
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On September 11, 2001, after the terrorist attack on the Pentagon, Bret drove from Georgia to Arlington, Virginia to report on the attack on the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense. After the Pentagon incident, which Bret reported on firsthand, Fox News decided to reward his courage by making him the Pentagon correspondent for Fox News. He held this position for 5 years, during which time he made several daring trips to the Middle East as a Fox News correspondent, 13 of them to Iraq and 11 to Afghanistan.

In 2007, Bret was appointed Fox News White House correspondent for Fox News. His position was a reward for his commitment to his country. During his time as chief White House correspondent for Fox News, he covered the George W. Bush administration. Later that year, he occasionally represented the then-presenter of the special report, Brit Hume, until December 23, 2008, when he was announced on the show as the official replacement for Hume. On January 5, 2009, Bret Baier’s first broadcast was announced as the permanent host of the Special Report.

Bret Baier Net Worth

As the host of the Fox News Channel’s special report, Bret earns $7 million in annual salary and has $16 million in net worth. Fox’s chief political anchor owns a collection of luxury cars, including a Range Rover and Chevrolet.

Bret Baier’s Family – Wife, Son, Where is He Now?

There is no hidden fact that the anchor of the special report is married to the beautiful and elegant Amy Baier. The couple met on a blind date at a hoggish stage and were together for about 3 years before their marriage. They were married on October 9, 2004.

Bret Baier Wife, Son, Family, Net Worth, Height, Where is He Now?
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It is also no secret that philanthropy runs in Amy’s family, Amy is the Vice-Chairperson of the Children’s National Hospital Foundation. Her father, Paul Hills, is co-founder of Sage Products, and her brothers Johnpaul Hills and Tom Hills are the founders of the Barrington Children’s Charities.

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Bret Baier’s family consists of his wife, Amy Baier, and their two sons, Paul Francis Baier, born July 29, 2007, and Daniel Baier, born July 10, 2010. His first son Paul was born with a heart problem and underwent several operations after which doctors declared him fit and healthy. The family looks good and happy, with no signs or rumors of separation. Bret also has a brother named Tim Baier.

Bret Baier lives with his family in his elaborately decorated house in Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Bret Baier Height, Weight

He stands at a height of 5’10” (1.8m) with a bodyweight of 197 pounds. Previously, the Fox newscaster weighed about 245 pounds, but this was reduced after he decided to pay attention to his excess body fat, which he said was caused by bad eating habits such as eating pizza with beer.