Bri Winkler Personal Details, Husband, Boyfriend & Family
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Most enthusiastic weather fans will quickly recognize Bri Winkler’s face. Although she is not one of the most famous radio announcers of the era, Bri Winkler is constantly working her way to the top of her profession through a combination of hard work and dedication. The ABC7 Eyewitness News weather girl is an active player in the global weather and climate system. But beyond her professional fame and success, not many are aware that the meteorologist overcame personal obstacles before she arrived where she is today. A woman with many passions, here is a detailed insight into the professional and personal life of the broadcaster.

Bri Winkler Personal Details

From her parents to her family, her early life and then her educational background, Bri Winkler has not revealed any details of this to the public. However, it is common knowledge that the station is from southeastern Massachusetts, whose date of birth is October 25, 1988.

Perhaps the only available information about her family is the fact that she is not an only child but has a sister named Tara Riggs. Looking at her academic career, it is obvious that Bri Wrinkler was sure of her career path early on and worked towards it with care. Wrinkler is a graduate of the University of Miami, where she studied mathematics and communications, but her main subject was marine and atmospheric research.

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After acquiring the knowledge she needed for her broadcasting career, Bri Winkler began working in the field almost immediately after college. Over the years she held various positions in different organizations and gained professional experience. First, she worked as a meteorologist and presenter for KAMR-TV in Texas. From storm chasing to weather forecasting, moderating shows and conducting product reviews, Bri Winkler made an impression and was an integral part of the NBC partner TV channel.

After several years at KAMR-TV, Bri moved to ABC7 Eyewitness News in 2011. In addition to his work as a meteorologist for television, Bri Winkler has other screen and radio credits. In particular, she appeared on Good Morning America and worked in local radio shows.

After gaining several years of professional experience, Winkler decided to return to teaching and acquire more knowledge. In mid-2017, the radio station announced its decision to fans via social media. In the news, she revealed that her absence from our screens was only temporary but necessary to complete her profile with a master’s degree in environmental sciences. Although Winkler’s absence was conspicuous, her colleague Leslie Lopez successfully filled the vacuum while Bri was away.

Bri Winkler Personal Details, Husband, Boyfriend & Family
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Health Challenge

Bri Winkler has weathered storms both personally and professionally. She is another living example of the fact that a stroke is not a consideration for age. One day, when she was still in her early twenties, the radio announcer was shocked to discover that an illness she thought was just a severe headache was actually the development of a stroke.

One early morning in 2012, Bri suffered from a series of health problems that began with migraines, then led to mild hearing loss in her right ear, deafness in her face, right arm and leg, partial blindness and then slurred speech. After a few CAT scans, it became clear that what the doctors had initially shaken off as a viral infection was, in fact, a stroke caused by a tear in the lining of the carotid artery and a blood clot in Winkler’s brain.

Fortunately, the transmitter has no permanent brain damage and has fully recovered from the disease after treatment, which successfully dissolved the blood clot. To this day, Winkler’s stroke remains a mystery to her doctors, who were unable to determine the exact cause of the disease.

Bri Winkler Family (Husband or Boyfriend)

Bri Winkler’s relationship status was of interest to many, especially her male fans. But the station is among those public figures who love to protect details of their personal lives from the media. Despite the secrecy that surrounds the meteorologist’s love life, it is no news that she has never been married and is childless.

Yet Winkler is only a few steps away from walking down the aisle with the man of her dreams. Like most other personal details, Bri has shared neither the identity of her beauty nor her love journey with the public. Regardless of her decision to treat her love life discreetly, fans hope that the love story of the meteorologist from LA will have a happy ending.

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Other Facts Worth Knowing About Bri Winkler

1 Bri Winkler is a yoga enthusiast, a practice that became an active part of her lifestyle after the life-threatening stroke she suffered in 2012.

2. she is a passionate activist who does not hesitate to educate her audience about ways to easily recognize a stroke. Besides spreading awareness on various platforms, Winkler is also an ambassador for the American Stroke Association and a member of the Western States Stroke Task Force.

3. the LA meteorologist relaxes through a variety of fun activities. One of Winkler’s hobbies is hunting for storms in the High Plains.

4. Bri Winkler has impressive physical characteristics. Although she often appears taller on screen, the blonde-haired meteorologist is actually 1.5 m tall. Her weight and other body measurements have not been disclosed.

5 The meteorologist has often been biologically associated with Henry Winkler, the popular actor from the hit sitcom Happy Days from the 1970s. However, the false assumption that Bri is Henry’s daughter is not surprising when one follows her last name. Apart from the fact that they share the same last name, there is no blood relation between the actor and the station.