Brian Kelley Wife, Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography, Other Facts
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Brian Kelley is an American country singer and guitarist best known as a member of the Florida Georgia Line duo. Like most children of his generation, the young Brian Kelley had a passion for music and sports while he was still learning. Of the three options available to him, his career choice is quite obvious today, although the decision was a difficult one, which is why he chose one of them. Below is a description of how he chose and how he achieved his goals.

Brian Kelley Biography, Age

Brian Kelley is from Ormond Beach, Florida, where he was born on August 26, 1985, the son of Ed Kelley and Mary Margaret Kelley, who are also the parents of his older sister Katherine Kelley. As a young boy, Brian’s first love was baseball, he loved the sport as much as he loved writing. However, as he grew older and his taste and senses matured, he began to develop a passion for music and an enthusiasm for the guitar. At this time, his sister Katherine also introduced him to country music. His passion for this genre grew amidst his passion for baseball.

The young athlete attended Seabreeze High School, where he was a star on his high school baseball team, the Sandcrabs, and at that time he was also the worship leader in his church. After graduating from Seabreeze High School in 2004, he received a scholarship to Florida State University where he would continue to play baseball.

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As Brian’s baseball career took shape, he received late notice that he was to be drafted by the Miami Marlins. However, he turned down the chance to go pro because it dawned on him that he would spend most of his playing time on the bench. Then he made the decision to transfer from Florida State University to Belmont University, where he would concentrate on his musical career.

Brian Kelley’s Musical Career

At Belmont University, he met the other half of the Florida Georgia Line duo, Tyler Hubbard. The two were introduced by a mutual friend and soon got to know each other when they realized they had a common interest in music.

After graduating from Belmont University, the two moved in together and took the reins of their music careers together. As a group, they needed a common stage name, preferably something that referred to where they both came from, Brian from Florida and Tyler from Georgia. So they came up with the stage name Florida Georgia Line.

In 2010 the group released their first EP “Anything Like Me”, which received little recognition except for the fact that it caught the attention of Joey Moi, the producer of Nickelback.

In 2012 they released their second EP It’s Just What We Do, and this time they caught the attention of the major record companies. In the same year, their debut single Cruise was released for the first time on The Highway satellite radio, selling well on iTunes and also helping the duo win their first record deal with the Republic Nashville/Big Machine label group. Cruise’s remix with rapper Nelly was placed 4th on the Billboard Hot 100. It also became the best-selling country digital song of all time, selling over 7 million copies, and was also the #1 Hot Country song for 6 months.

Under Republic Nashville, the group released their first album entitled Here’s to the Good Times on December 4, 2012.

Since their first album reached 6th place on the 2013 bestselling album list, the group has released two more albums, Anything Goes, which was released on August 15, 2014, and Dig Your Roots on August 26, 2016.

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Brian Kelley’s Wife

Brian Kelley Wife, Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography, Other Facts
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Brittney Marie Cole Kelley is the wife of country singer Brian Kelley. The couple made the alliance on December 16, 2013, after about 6 months of dating.

Like her husband, Brittney was born in Florida in 1990. An actress, fashion entrepreneur, and businesswoman, Brittney graduated from the University of Georgia, where she earned a degree in accounting and psychology. She is CEO and co-founder of the clothing and lifestyle brand Tribe Kelley. The other co-founder of the brand is her husband, a country singer.

Brian Kelley Net Worth

Long after the beginning of nurturing his musical talents, Brian Kelley had great success, as his main income came from the sale of his music albums. Together with his wife, he also runs a clothing line that earns him a few cool dollars. The musical big wig has a net worth of $2,50,00,000

Height, Weight, & Other Facts

Brian Kelley stands at 6 feet 3 inches (1.93m) tall, he could easily pass for a forward of any college basketball team. He also weighs 86kg or 190 pounds.

His favorite book is the Bible.

He has a tattoo that says Music = Healing.

Brian has four dogs.

He drinks green juice every day.

He is a fan of the reality show Treehouse Masters.