Brittany Wagner Age, Husband & Everything About the Life Coach
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Gia Mantegna’s HöheBrittany Wagner is a famous life coach, academic chancellor, sports teacher, consultant, and advisory assistant. She is held in high esteem by many for her contribution to the development of sport and for her efforts to strike a balance between sport and the education of young athletes. Despite her many achievements in the field of sports, Brittany Wagner did not achieve worldwide recognition until 2016, after she participated in the popular Netflix documentary show Last Chance U.

Brittany Wagner Bio (Age)

Brittany Wagner was born on 15 November 1977 in Clinton, Mississippi, United States of America. She has the ethnic and American citizenship of Native Americans. She grew up with her parents in Mississippi and attended Clinton High School, which she graduated from in May 1996. She enrolled at Samford University in August of the same year, but transferred to Mississippi State University in January 1998 and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Communication in May 2000. In 2004, she earned a master’s degree in sports administration from the University of Mississippi.

Brittany Wagner Age, Husband & Everything About the Life Coach
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Her career as a life coach began in 2002 after she was offered a position in the Athletics Department of Jacksonville State University before moving to the Athletics Department of Mississippi State University in 2004. After five years, she quit her job at Mississippi State University and moved to East Mississippi Community College (EMCC), where she was assigned the role of athletic teaching consultant and compliance assistant. At the EMCC, she was privileged enough to oversee, test and monitor the development of over 200 students, witnessing most of their transition from amateur to professional player.

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Unknown to many, Brittany Wagner has contributed greatly to the success of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in recent years. While working for both organizations, she has served as a guide to the football players by helping them find a reasonable balance between their education and athletics. Her enthusiasm for her work led her to set up an academic resource for athletics students called Grades first; a resource that enabled these students to experience great academic progress, making her even more popular and respected in the world of sports.

Her Husband

At present, the sports administrator is a single woman and there are no rumors that he has a love relationship with anyone. However, she was once married to Mark White, a former basketball coach who was coaching the EMCC when she was a college gym teacher. There is no credible information about when exactly they got married, how long their marriage lasted or why they decided to go their separate ways.

Nevertheless, we can be satisfied that they ended their marriage peacefully. They are both parents of a beautiful girl named Kennedy Grier, and although Wagner has custody of the child, he supports her financially.

Brittany Wagner Age, Husband & Everything About the Life Coach
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Things You Need To Know About Brittany Wagner

1. with more than 20 years of experience in the sports sector, Brittany is certainly worth a large sum of money. She currently earns 42,540 dollars a year as a sports administrator, among other benefits. However, her current net worth is fixed at 2 million dollars.

2. She is a great teacher and mentor. In the spring of 2016, Brittany Wagner had a trainee named Savana Alexander, who wrote a report after her internship in which she described Wagner as “an incredible mentor and teacher” and at the same time thanked the woman for the opportunity to learn practically.

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3 During an interview with the Anniston Star in 2017, Brittany revealed that, unlike other sports administrators, she does not google the players before meeting them. In her opinion, she prefers to have a physical conversation with them and slowly learn more about their skills and areas where they can develop better. This makes it easier to know how she can best help.

4. she is very enterprising. In 2017, she moved to Birmingham, Alabama, and shortly after decided to start a consulting firm, which she called 10 Thousand Pencils.

5. with her knowledge of sports she is very experienced in matters of health and well being. Therefore, she tries her best to keep fit and maintain a good figure.