Cameran Eubanks Bio, Husband, Net Worth and Other Facts

Cameran Eubanks Bio, Husband, Net Worth and Other Facts

Cameraman Eubanks is a name that fans of the reality TV show Southern Charm would recognize at first glance. So many of her fans are curious to know how the reality TV star is shaping their career and private life in the best possible way. The fact that she was born and raised in South Carolina qualifies her for the reality TV show, which is about society greats from South Carolina.

In this article, you will get an insight into her life as a reality TV star along with facts that many didn’t really know about Cameran Eubanks.

Cameran Eubanks Biography

Eubanks is the older of her parents’ two daughters Robert and Bonnie Eubanks. The 34-year-old reality TV star was born on November 21, 1983, in Anderson, South Carolina, USA, but her parents divorced when she was still in high school. Eubanks has a sister named Cayce Eubanks who is 3 years older than her. Cayce Eubanks is a real estate agent with The Boulevard Company. Like Cameran, Cayce was born and raised in South Carolina.

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Cameran Eubanks earned her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Carolina.

Cameran Eubanks Bio, Husband, Net Worth and Other Facts
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Medical Condition

When Eubanks was 8 years old, she was diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, a condition whose primary symptom is excessive sweating. Her mother noticed that she sweated more than the average toddler and took her to a doctor. The subsequent test performed on Eubanks led to the diagnosis of hyperhidrosis. Her condition led to her future partnership with Dermira, a pharmaceutical company that helped her raise awareness of others who do not see hyperhidrosis as the disease it is.

Most people who suffer from the same disease see it as normal, without realizing that it is a disease that requires special attention. Through his partnership with Dermira, Eubanks has since given the disease a voice by shedding light on the misconception that people have of hyperhidrosis.

Her Career

Cameran Eubanks may be popular for her appearance on the reality television show Southern Charm, but she made her reality television show debut in her late teens when she appeared on MTV’s The Real World show The Real World: San Diego in 2004. In the same year, she participated in the MTV show The Challenge. She also hosted Girls Gone Wild.

Southern Charm made its screen debut on March 3, 2014. It unveils a whole range of social activities that take place over generations of families in Charleston, South Carolina, so the reality TV show is a perfect fit for Cameran Eubanks, as her family is part of the long line of families that have come out of Charleston, South Carolina.

The reality TV show initially focused on Cameran Eubanks, Craig Conover, Jenna Kings, Thomas Ravenel, Shep Rose, and Whitney Sudder-Smith. As the show progressed, Jenna Kings left the show after the premiere season, followed by Whitney Sudder-Smith in the third season and finally Thomas Ravenel in the just-finished fifth season. Three new cast members were hired immediately to replace those who left the company. People like Calhoun Dennis, Austen Kroll, and Chelsea Meissner joined the show in the second, fourth, and fifth seasons respectively.

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The show, which according to IMDB ratings is rated 5.8/10, has 67 episodes over five seasons.

Before Eubanks’ life on the screen began, she worked for a pizza restaurant called Mellow Mushroom in Anderson, South Carolina. For a decade she also ventured into the cosmetics industry. Now, in addition to her acting career, she is a real estate agent.

Cameran Eubanks Husband

Cameran Eubanks Bio, Husband, Net Worth and Other Facts
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Despite Cameran Eubanks’ job as a reality TV star, she has managed to keep her private life at a responsible distance from her career.

Eubanks is married to Dr. Jason Wimberly. He is an anesthesiologist in Charleston, South Carolina, and works at Trident Medical Center. He graduated from the Medical School of the University of South Carolina in 2002.

The couple married on April 12, 2014, and held their wedding on a plantation outside of Charleston. The couple also has a common girl named Palmer Corrine Wimberly who was born November 11, 2017.

Cameran Eubanks Net Worth

As the star in Bravo’s reality TV show “Southern Charm”, Eubanks earns $25,000 per episode, which for 15 episodes in a season can be as much as $357,000 per episode, not counting bonuses. She also earns commissions as a real estate agent from the sale of properties. Her estimated net worth is about $1.5 million.

Other Facts about Cameran Eubanks

  • Eubanks worked in the cosmetics industry for 10 years.
  • She loves thin mints.
  • The reality star comes from a long generation of South Carolinians.
  • She loves boating.
  • She is a licensed realtor.