Carlos Hyde Biography, Career Stats, Family Life, Age, Height

Carlos Hyde Biography, Career Stats, Family Life, Age, Height

Carlos Hyde is arguably the best running back with the Cleveland Browns in the National Football League (NFL) based at FirstEnergy Stadium. He is a product of Naples, Florida high school, and the Ohio Bobcats football program, from where he joined the NFL.

Since high school, Carlos has consistently shown signs of making it big as a football player. Since then he has lived up to expectations and has impressed his fans as well as the club’s fans and club owners with his impressive games as a running back. Here is a report on how he got where he is today and how his family life has been.

Carlos Hyde Biography, Age

The running back of the Cleveland Browns was named Carlos Dramome Hyde after he was born on September 20, 1990. When he entered high school, he went to school and graduated from Naples High School, where he received recognition for his soccer game. At school, Carlos Hyde was named Player of the Year by the Naples Daily News and Ft. Myers News-Press for scoring 16 touchdowns on his 1,653 yards by the end of his graduation season.

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Before him, Carlos had scholarship offers from Florida State University, University of Miami, Ohio State University, and the University of Florida. He pledged to play for the Ohio State Buckeyes soccer team starting in January 2010. The boy missed 2 games in his junior season due to an ankle injury, but in the other 10 games he played, he scored a total of 970 yards on the run with 16 frantic touchdowns. In his senior season, he missed three games due to a suspension he suffered, but he still had a total of 1,282 yards with 14 touchdowns good enough to earn him the Associated Press All-Big-Ten First Division and a third All-American team.

Carlos Hyde entered the NFL as the 49er side of the San Francisco 49ers, finishing 57th overall in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft, and along with the 49ers he had to prove himself better than Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, Marcus Lattimore, and LaMichael James to find a place in the team. However, he didn’t have to work too hard, as some players had seen him as a replacement for Gore due to a series of injuries.

Carlos Hyde Biography, Career Stats, Family Life, Age, Height
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Carlos ended his first NFL season with 12 games, from which he scored 83 Carrys over 333 yards with four touchdowns. In his second season (2015) with the Niners, he finished the season with 115 carries over 470 yards with 3 deserved touchdowns and a touchdown from a spin move. He suffered his first injury in his professional career this season when he broke his foot and ended the season on the injury reserve list. In contrast, Hyde also had the best game of his career this season against the Minnesota Vikings when he scored 2 touchdowns on 168 yards in 26 Carries.

He started 13 games in the 2016 season, of which he had 217 carries for 988 yards and 6 touchdowns with 27 receptions for 163 yards and 3 touchdowns. Unfortunately, he injured himself in the MCL and was on the reserve list for injured players for the rest of the season.

The Cincinnati-born soccer player had an injury-free 2017 season, in which he played all 16 league games with 940 rushing yards, 350 receiving yards, and 8 rushing touchdowns, which was a record in his career.

After his impressive contributions to the success of the San Francisco 49ers in the four seasons he played with them, the Cleveland Browns sought his services for three years from 2018 to 2020 under a $15,250,000 contract. The terms of the contract included a signing bonus of $3,500,000 and an $8,000,000 guarantee. Under the new agreement, Carlos Hyde will receive a base salary of $1,500,000 in 2018, which will increase to $3,250,000 and $4,500,000 in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

Career Stats

Beginning in 2014, Carlos Hyde’s career stats boasts of the figures below:

655 2,729 4.2 21 109 634 5.8 3

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Family Life

Carlos Hyde was born the son of Dermidra Hyde (mother) and Carlos Britton (father), who raised him with his two sisters – Kelsey and Brittany – in Cincinnati, Ohio. He first attended Princeton High School in Sharonville, Ohio, before his parents took him out of school and enrolled him in high school in Naples, where he completed his high school education and was also active in sports, especially soccer, basketball, and athletics. It is also reported that he was a mentor for primary school children, so we can also say that he has a soft spot for children.

There aren’t many details about how he grew up and what didn’t, but considering that the boy played so well in high school and continued to play so well in college, we can also assume that he had a wonderful childhood, a healthy development, surrounded by good family values when he was in charge of children in high school.

There have been no reports that he was married or involved in relationship scandals. It is likely that Carlos Hyde is not in a relationship at the moment, or maybe he is but has decided to keep it private. When he decided to let us into his relationship life, we will certainly inform you about our findings.

Carlos Hyde Height 

The Ohio-born running back stands at a height of 1.83 m, which is equivalent to a height of 6 ft. At this height, he weighs about 235 lbs or 107 kg.