Catharine Daddario Age, Height & Facts About Matthew Daddario’s Sister

Catharine Daddario Age, Height & Facts About Matthew Daddario’s Sister

The name Daddario is one of the recognizable last names in the American film industry either through Alexandra Daddario, a popular actress who has appeared in films such as Baywatch, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief or her brother Matthew Daddario, who has starred in Shadow Chasers, Van Drivers and Cabin Fever. The name has remained a mainstay in Hollywood because, in addition to the two, there is Catharine Daddario, the third child in the Daddario family.

Catherine Daddario, who only debuted on the silver screen as an adult in 2017, does not have an extensive filmography compared to her siblings but has built up a steady presence in the film industry to date. In this article, we take a closer look at her career, her background and other interesting facts about her. Please read on.

Catharine Daddario Biography & Age

It is expected that one day she will grow up to be a star in her own right, but how she does so depends on the popularity of her siblings Alexandra and Matthew Daddario. She was born in New York on December 16, 1992, the daughter of parents Richard Daddario and mother Christina. Her parents are both attorneys, and her father worked in the civil service as a federal prosecutor and was once the head of the NYPD Counter-Terrorism Unit, led by Michael Blomberg when he was mayor.

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Although her family has often served in public space, including her grandfather, who was a member of the U.S. Congress during the 86th-91st Congress, she and her siblings have instead taken a different path, pursuing a public life through creative space as actors. Her educational history includes a Bachelor’s degree from Hunter College in Linguistics, English, and Rhetoric. She completed her studies in 2015.

If Catharine Daddario has always had an interest in becoming an actress, it is impossible to say, but at the age of 16 she made her first appearance in a screen project, a documentary series, primetime, in which she played an unnamed character simply described as “Girl in Park”.

During a break, probably due to her university education, Catharine Daddario did not participate in any project until 2017, when she made her adult debut at the age of 25 in the short film “Stronger Than Pretty”, in which she played the character, Sybil.

In the same year, Catherine also starred in Wilde Eastern, another short film, starring Scarlet Redd. Two years passed before the third Daddario child appeared in another project, in a music video for the band, Wyland for the song Nowhere Now.

Following the music video appearance, she made her debut in a full-length film Donna, in which she played the character, Sybil.

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Since her debut in 2017, Catharine Daddario’s list of appearances has been very short, but as the name Daddario becomes more popular and influential, she will be appearing in more projects in the near future, with films such as Alias Birth and Lake Artifact already within her realm.

Besides her appearances in movies, Catharine Daddario has also appeared in shows like Entertainment Tonight.

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Personal Life

Catharine Daddario may not have many movies and television shows in which she has starred, but that has not stopped her from leading a happy private life through a relationship with her actor colleague Jeremy Cohen.

We don’t know exactly how long the couple has been together, although rumors say they’ve been together since 2016. However, they seem to be happy together, as shown on their social media sites, especially on Instagram, where she often exchanges pictures of herself and her boyfriend.

Catharine Daddario Height

The Daddarios are known for their facial beauty and admirable body, and Katharina Daddario is not exempt from this fascinating trait. She has a height of 5 feet 5 inches, with a modest bodyweight that expresses her well-trained skin and curvaceous body.

Another striking trait of Daddario is her blue eyes and brown hair.

Other Facts About Catharine Daddario

Their ethnic profile is a mixture of Italian, English, Irish and Czech descent.

She is actively involved in social media and the popularity of her posts makes her quite a social media star, especially on Instagram where she has the @catdaddario account. Her Twitter profile has the same name.

Before taking the step into acting after college, she worked for Only Agency, a branding and talent management company.