Cecilia Vega Biography, Salary & ABC News Career in Journalism

Cecilia Vega Biography, Salary & ABC News Career in Journalism

Journalists often become public figures because their work requires them to report on public figures and events, especially on television or radio. But in October 2018, Cecilia Vega became particularly popular when she was the victim of one of President Trump’s sharp comments during a press conference when he declared that she did not think.

This remark provoked criticism from fellow journalists and prominent figures in the American media, but ultimately aroused the curiosity of those who did not know the journalist from ABC News and wanted to know who Cecilia Vega was and why the President would make such remarks about her.

In this article, we answer the questions about who she is, including her background and professional background. Read on to find out more.

Biography of Cecilia Vega

Cecilia Vega was born on January 7, 1977, in San Francisco, California. Much of her childhood background is unknown, including the identity of her parents, but she grew up in the Bay Area where she began the journey that has made her one of America’s top journalists.

Cecilia Vega Biography, Salary & ABC News Career in Journalism
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Her academic journey began at Salesian High School, which she graduated from in 1995, and she attended the American University School of Communication, which she graduated from in 1999, before beginning her career as a journalist with the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Cecilia Vega began her career in journalism by writing for the San Francisco Chronicle before venturing into broadcast journalism. Like most journalists in America, her journey in broadcast journalism began in a local affiliate station. Since 2009 she has been working for the ABC network channel KGO-TV, which is based in San Francisco.

Cecilia’s time with this station lasted three years, a time she used to familiarize herself with the profession and build her reputation as a talented journalist. During her time at the station, she covered a wide range of stories from the San Francisco area, from politics to business to sports, and the quality of her work shone through.

While many journalists would look back on her time at an affiliated station as a fundamental phase of her career, Cecilia’s outstanding work at KGO-TV was also a time when she became a star when she received an Emmy Award in 2010 for her coverage of a news story. Having reached her peak at the local level, it was time for Cecilia Vega to move to the national level, and she did so through her parent company, joining ABC News in Los Angeles in 2011 as a correspondent for ABC News.

From Los Angeles, Cecilia Vega covered a range of national and international news, sometimes traveling around the world, to Rome, Japan, and London, where she covered global news such as the election of a new pope, the Fukushima disaster, and the Olympic Games.

Cecilia Vega Biography, Salary & ABC News Career in Journalism
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In her career as a correspondent for ABC News, she has been involved in a number of interesting and fascinating incidents, such as the election and inauguration of President Obama in 2012, the Ebola threats in the US, and the infamous Sony hacking. During her career, the biggest and most interesting incident was the personal insult that President Donald Trump addressed to her in 2018.

On October 1, 2018, during a press conference, she fell victim to the President’s harsh manner when he said: “I know you don’t think. You never do” when she asked a question.

Apart from the disappointing moment in her career, Cecilia Vega has gained in skill since joining ABC News and has gone from being a correspondent to a presenter of World News Tonight Saturday. She was the station’s anchorwoman between 2015 and 2017, after which she became the station’s senior White House correspondent.

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Net Worth and Salary

Cecilia Vega has worked for over eight years for one of the most important national news channels in the country and has grown in her career not only in prestige but also in financial wealth.

Her work at the national level has resulted in her earning in the top half of the journalism pay scale, which in her case is $360,000 per year. Her salary, combined with other investments, has allowed her to build up an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Other Facts About Cecilia Vega

Other fascinating moments in Cecilia Vega’s career are the caressing of whales in the Gulf of California, the interview with Sylvester Stallone, and the Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. She also went once in a submarine.

Her awards cabinet includes awards from the California Newspaper Publishers Association, The New York Times, Hearst Corporation, and a couple more others.

She has a body height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs 50 kg.

She is married to Ricardo Jimenez, who is a California Highway Patrol Officer.