Charles Pol Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend Or Wife If Married, Is He Gay?

Charles Pol Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend Or Wife If Married, Is He Gay?

The famous Dr. Jan Pol and his wife Diane Pol had no biological offspring, so they adopted three of them, one of whom is Charles Pol, and together the members of the Pol family appeared in the reality show The Incredible Dr. Pol since it was first broadcast in 2011. Charles became his father’s henchman at the age of five and helped out with the animals on the farm. However, as he grew older and faced the big decision to pursue a career path, he chose a completely different path than his father.

This did not stop his family from supporting him. In fact, his career choice turned in favor of the Poles when Charles brought the idea of the reality show with him and today plays an important role in the production. Here are the less known facts about the reality TV star.

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Charles Pol Bio

He was born on March 6, 1979, in Central Michigan Farm County. Charles was adopted shortly after his birth by Dr. Jan Pol, a veterinarian, and his wife Diane Pol, so there is no information about his biological parents. The good doctor and his wife adopted two more children – Kathy Pol, who joined the family after her birth, and Diane Jr., who was 18 years old when her adoption was completed.

Charles Pol Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend Or Wife If Married, Is He Gay?
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Charles Pol began helping out with the animals as a child. He assisted his father at the clinic and was very helpful with farm calls and caring for pets and farm animals. In the beginning, working with his father was everything for Charles, but as he got older and had to decide which profession he wanted to focus on, he was not tempted to be a veterinarian like his father. He chose a career in the entertainment industry, a decision his parents never rejected.

To prepare for his venture into the entertainment world, Charles studied Mass Communications/Media Science at the University of Miami, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in 2003. Prior to that, he studied an unspecified course at Central Michigan University from 1998 to 2001. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles where he did internships with industry giants such as Paramount Pictures and Mirage Enterprises. His focus was on acting and production. During his internship, he had the opportunity to learn from Sydney Pollack, one of the best actors and film producers.

In 2004, right after graduating from college, Charles Pol started working on the production part of films before the idea of a family show came up and he proposed it to National Geographic. Soon after, 2011 show The Incredible Dr. Pol was created, with Charles as one of the producers. Besides working behind the cameras, Charles often plays a leading role in the show. Other cast members are Dr. Jan Pol, Diane Pol, Dr. Brenda Grettenberger, and Dr. Emily Thomas.

Besides the incredible Dr. Pol, Charles has also appeared in other shows, including the television series The Legend of Sheriff Gus Skinner (2013) and Calling Dr. Pol (2014).

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Charles Pol Net Worth

His excursion into the entertainment industry not only made Charles and the rest of his family famous but also brought him luck. As a producer and actor, he earns up to $20,000 or more from The Incredible Dr.Pol. Together with his other ventures, the reality TV star has built up a net worth of $1 million.

Is He Gay?

Charles Pol Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend Or Wife If Married, Is He Gay?

Charles Pol and Beth Oakes celebrate their engagement – Twitter
Like most public figures who do not share every personal detail with their fans, Charles has fallen victim to rumors about gays once or twice. The allegations, which had little substance, were silenced when he went public with the identity of the woman in his life. As a result, he has spared no time in sharing his memories with her in his reports on social media.

Is He Married To A Wife Or Has A Girlfriend?

Charles Pol and Beth Oakes took their childhood friendship to another level in 2017 when they started dating. They also appeared as a couple in season 12 of The Incredible Dr. Pol, cementing their relationship status. In January 2018, Charles Pol put an engagement ring on Bath’s finger and shared it through his Twitter handle. Congratulatory messages from his followers streamed in on the platform accordingly.

The wedding of the two took place live on The Incredible Dr. Pol in January 2019.