Chase Goehring Bio, Career Achievements and Family of The Pop Singer

Chase Goehring Bio, Career Achievements and Family of The Pop Singer

Chase Goehring has only recently started making waves, but he has been surfing the internet since 2011. He was already a star on YouNow before he appeared on America’s Got Talent Show and the American version of X-Factor in 2017. But in case you haven’t heard of him yet, Chase Goehring is an American singer with many talents. He sings, raps, and writes his lyrics, which are in a class of their own.

If this talent, which is not matched by many famous musicians, was not enough, the fact that he can play several musical instruments, even though he has not received any formal training on them, simply adds to his amazing resume. Read more about the star.

Chase Goehring Bio

Chase Goehring was born on November 2, 1995, in California and grew up without an intensive interest in music. However, this changed quickly when his parents enrolled him in a piano lesson without any specific goal. Chase, who was in middle school at the time, gradually began to develop a lasting affection for music and eventually decided to move up. With growing passion, Chase started to watch YouTube tutorials to learn how to play some musical instruments like guitar and ukulele.

Chase Goehring Bio, Career Achievements and Family of The Pop Singer
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He also started writing his songs and soon joined a rock and roll band as a keyboard player and performed at several shows with the band. When things didn’t go as he thought they would, he left the band with another member to form another group called AcoustiKats. In his new band, Chase spent time writing fascinating lyrics. But the only audience they could attract was the passers-by on the street. Nevertheless, his lyrics and songs continued to improve rapidly.

His audience gradually grew when he started to publish his songs on YouNow, an online radio station. Soon he gathered an army of fans called Chasers.

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Career Achievements

Chase Gohring is still a rising star, so it is not hard to understand why he does not have a long list of music credits. But for a beginner, he took quite a blow.

The multi-instrumentalist released his first single called A Capella in 2015 and was highly praised by his fans. The success motivated him to release his first EP entitled Jaded, which includes five singles, including California, Jades, What is Love? and Illusion.

Chase’s first claim to fame was when he appeared in the third season of the American version of The X Factor. At the X-Factor contest, he made it through casting but didn’t make it to the live shows. Since then his career has continued to develop steadily.

Born in Tennessee, he also appeared in the 12th season of NBC America Got Talent and was among the top ten candidates to finish in 5th place. At the audition, he sang an emotionally intense song called Hurt, in which he drew attention to domestic violence with amazing coherence. In the first verses he reminded the girl in the middle of the song Hey Baby, you don’t have to live like this before he raps with a gentle tempo in the middle of the song.

Chase has also toured with other talented stars such as Jacob Whitesides, Magcon Boys, and Taylor Caniff.

Outside of his reality TV fame, Chase Gohring also enjoys a considerable part of his fame online. He has thousands of subscribers on his YouTube channel, which opened in 2011. He also has more than two hundred dedicated fans on Twitter and Instagram.

Chase Goehring Bio, Career Achievements and Family of The Pop Singer
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His songs are always outstanding online: his debut song A Capella collects over 8,000 opinions on Spotify. Also, the 5-foot 7-inch tall singer is constantly receiving offers to participate in social media events such as DigiFest, PressPlay, MAGCON, and Playlist Live.

His net worth is unknown, some estimate it to be between 100,000 and 1 million dollars. Whatever the actual amount, it is obvious that he is making a lot of money with his rapidly growing music career.

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Chase Goehring’s Family

Normally, fans get curious about their idol, and so are Chase fans. His growing fame has led to music lovers becoming more interested in him and raising questions such as who he dates, whether he is married, and much more. However, Chase has dashed his fans’ hopes as he has refused to reveal anything about his private life and it doesn’t seem as if he will do so soon.

From the looks of things, it is easy to guess that he is single, as he hasn’t been associated with any girl. His main focus, for the time being, seems to be to make it big in the music industry.

Furthermore, information about his family, parents, and siblings is scarce. However, it is known that his parents moved with the family to Tennessee when Chase was a boy.