Chris Motionless (Chris Cerulli) Bio, Wife or Girlfriend and Family of The Musician

Chris Motionless (Chris Cerulli) Bio, Wife or Girlfriend and Family of The Musician

This long-haired, tattooed and strange goth is Chris Motionless. He is one of the founders of the popular metal-rock band Motionless in White alongside Angelo Parente, Frank Polumbo, and Kyle White. He is both the lead singer of the group and the lead guitarist. The band was formed in 2005 and has since built a large fan base. They have released several projects over the years, including Graveyard Shift, Creatures, Infamous, Reincarnate, and The Horror. Many of the original members of Motionless in White have left the group, leaving Chris as an old band member.

Beyond his music, Chris has gained popularity because of his strange and crazy physical appearance. He likes to dress in strange gothic clothes, wears make-up and has tattooed practically every inch of his body. Chris has an interesting and lively personality that lends itself to the mystery and attracts many people who flock around him because they find the musician fascinating. He has gained millions of fans from all corners of the world, and many of them also follow him on his social media page, where he shares dark and strange content inspired by his life.

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Chris Motionless Bio

Chris Motionless was born on 17 October 1986 as Christopher Thomas Cerulli. He grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Regarding his educational background, the singer has revealed little information about this front. His early years were rough because his parents had a difficult time and fought constantly until they finally split up. The divorce was a little rough on Chris, and it caused him to put all his fears and emotions he was struggling with into music.

Chris Motionless (Chris Cerulli) Bio, Wife or Girlfriend and Family of The Musician
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He began to build up a reputation as a loner. He dressed and behaved in such a way that people were afraid of him and did not dare to cross his path. Over the years, Chris had a number of jobs, including one in a tattoo shop where he helped people tattoo beautiful designs on their skin. He started training to be a piercer but was forced to quit his job before he had achieved this goal because his music career was going up in smoke.

Before he became famous, Chris Motionless played in nightclubs and bars in his town, but things changed for the better after Motionless in White caught the attention of Zach Neil, a producer, who brought the band on board his record company. Shortly after signing a record deal, they released The Whorror, their first EP in 2007, followed by nationwide tours where Chris and his bandmates started writing the songs for their later EP When Love Met Destruction, which was released in 2009. Some of the singles from the playlist achieved hit status and their fans started screaming for an album.

One year later the band blessed their listeners with their debut album “Creatures”. It quickly found great success in the music charts and beyond. Their second album Infamous was released in 2012 and was received with much praise and recognition. Chris received numerous awards for the album and this inspired him to begin work on the band’s fourth album, Graveyard Shift, which was released in 2016 on their new record label Roadrunner Records. Music is Chris’s whole life and he loves to share his creativity with people who take the time to listen to his music.

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Family of The Musician (Wife or Girlfriend)

Chris Motionless leads a very private life. While his physical appearance and personality suggest that he is a bad boy who just wants to rock and roll, the metal singer is actually a sweet person who believes in monogamy and doesn’t play around. He’s had his fair share of relationships, some of which were public. In 2013 he started dating Sabrina Malfoy, his childhood friend. A few years later the relationship broke up and Chris started dating a popular make-up artist known as Gaiapatra on Twitter and Instagram.

Chris Motionless (Chris Cerulli) Bio, Wife or Girlfriend and Family of The Musician
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The couple has worked on several projects together and she is also his personal make-up artist. They seem to have similar interests, which might explain why their relationship is still running smoothly.

The talented rock star was raised by his parents, although their names and professions are not known. He also has to reveal the names of his brother and sister, but if you can believe his Instagram page, he is very close to his family and likes to spend time with them. Chris has a daughter named Riley Cerulli. She was born when he was 20 years old and went out with an ex-girlfriend named Callie, the girl’s mother.

Chris Motionless’ Height

Chris Motionless is pretty big. He stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch and weighs about 75 kg. He is very passionate about tattoos, piercings, and make-up. His whole body is covered with all kinds of tattooed drawings and inscriptions.