Claire Foy Husband, Daughter, Age & Height
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Of all the actresses who have played Queen Elizabeth, Claire Foy surpasses all other actresses in her portrayal of the longest-reigning monarch in the history of the world. This actress is best known for playing Queen Elizabeth – an achievement that earned her a Golden Globe and many other prestigious awards, but her work also includes other television shows and films in which she demonstrated her brilliance as an actress. Read on to learn more about this actress’s career and other facts about her life.

Who is Claire Foy and How Old is She?

Claire Elizabeth Foy is the last child of her parents’ three children (Caroline and David). She was born in 1984 on 16 April. Foy spent her childhood in various places in England, as her father almost always had to move with the family because of his work. The actress is partly Irish as her mother is Irish and has a large Irish family.

Acting for this Foy was something she always wanted to do as a child and when she was at Aylesbury High School she was part of the school’s theatre program. Liverpool John Moores University was the next point in her education, and while there she studied theatre and film studies. She then attended the Oxford School of Drama, where she took a year of acting classes.

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Claire Foy started professional acting when she was at the drama school. Her earliest appearances were in theatre productions, Top Girls, Easy Virtue, and Watership Down were the plays she acted in. It was not until 2008 that she had her first role in front of the camera, in the pilot episode of the series, Being Human. She had another small role before she was cast in the BBC show Little Dorrit, in which she appeared in 14 episodes.

Claire had the opportunity to play as two different characters in the English Royal Family. The first royal person she played was Anne Boleyn in the 2015 series, Wolf Hall. Her performance was met with applause and she was nominated for the Bafta for Best Actress, which she lost to Brie Larson for her role in Room.

Claire Foy’s next performance as a royal character is Queen Elizabeth in the 2016 Netflix show The Crown, which can rightly be called the major work of her career, and for this role, she received the most awards and nominations she has ever received in her career. The actress was on the show for two seasons before some members of the cast were changed to better reflect the age of the characters. Olivia Colman was cast as the older version of the Queen, taking over Foy’s position on the show.

While Foy was on the show, the debate over the gender pay gap took the media by storm, and it turned out that she earned significantly less than her male counterpart. This caused an outrage and the producers of the show had to find a way to remedy this, which they did by increasing Foy’s income.

The actress had remarkable roles in these films; First Man, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Breathe, and Unsane.

Meet Claire Foy Net Worth

When news of their underpayment became known, the studio announced that they would pay the difference in their previous salaries. Claire Foy has stated that she has never received them. Nevertheless, Foy has a good net worth of $4 million.

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Meet Claire Foy’s Husband and Daughter

Claire Foy married her actor colleague Stephen Campbell Moore in 2014 and their marriage produced a daughter, Ivy Rose. She was born a year after her marriage and four weeks before the start of shooting for The Crown. The actress said in an interview how she felt it was a mistake to take the job because she couldn’t understand the juggling of being a mother and acting. But she was able to get the job done and get it done.

Four years after their marriage Moore and Foy separated; neither of them gave the reason for their separation.


From the pictures and videos of this actress, it is clear that she is not the biggest person there is. Claire Foy is 1.62 m tall and weighs 50 kg. Her height is 35-24-35 inches.