Dan Harmon Ex-Wife & Divorce, Does He Have A Girlfriend?
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Dan Harmon is an incredibly talented, smart and humorous American writer who is also a producer and actor. He has created several television shows during his career and has astonished colleagues and fans with his skill. Over the years, he has not only established himself as one of Hollywood’s most capable writers and content creators but has also proven himself a good actor who has appeared in a handful of shows. A very versatile and multi-talented man, Dan Harmon is also active as a rapper and podcaster.

As a writer and creator, Dan Harmon is best known today for his Community, a popular American comedy television series broadcast on NBC. He is also known for co-creating Rick and Morty, another popular American science fiction sitcom for adults.

Dan Harmon Family

Dan Harmon was born on January 3, 1973. The writer was born in Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin, USA. He also spent his early days in Wisconsin with the rest of his family. Although today he is known more simply as Dan Harmon, his real birth name became known as Daniel James Harmon.

Dan Harmon Ex-Wife & Divorce, Does He Have A Girlfriend?
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Very little is known about Dan’s family; the identity of his parents has not been revealed. We can only call them Mr. and Mrs. Harmon at this time. However, we do know that he loves his mother and has sometimes featured her on social media, especially on Mother’s Day. Nor is it certain that he has any brothers or sisters he grew up with in Wisconsin.

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As he grew up, Dan attended Brown Deer High School in Brown Deer, a village in Wisconsin. Later he studied at Marquette University, a private research university in Wisconsin. He also reportedly studied briefly at Glendale Community College. Later, he used the experience he gained at Glendale Community College to write his exhibition Community.


Dan Harmon’s career began in the ’90s when he became a member of “ComedySportz Milwaukee”, an organization for improvisational comedy, together with his friend Rob Schrab and others. The group produced an album called “Take Down the Grand Master” in 1996.

In 1999, Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab co-wrote Heat Vision and Jack, a TV pilot featuring major actors such as Owen Wilson. During this time, he also created several Channel 101 shows, which received much admiration in the industry.

After appearing on several Channel 101 shows himself, Dan created the Sarah Silverman program in 2007, a TV sitcom for Comedy Central. He also worked on many episodes as the show’s lead author. The series eventually ran until 2010, and apparently as the credits rolled, Dan began to gain serious momentum as a prominent writer to be reckoned with.

In 2009, Dan Harmon gained even more momentum across America when he created Community, a comedy television series based on his experiences at Glendale Community College. The series became quite a hit after it aired on NBC and took him far away as a writer. The series ran over 3 seasons until May 18, 2012, after Dan Harmon was fired from his position in Community due to some creative conflicts between him and executives.

Dan Harmon Ex-Wife & Divorce, Does He Have A Girlfriend?
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In 2013, Dan Harmon and his friend Justin Roiland jointly created Rick and Morty, an animated adult science fiction sitcom that is quite popular with Americans. After many seasons, the series was extended by another 70 episodes in 2018.

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Dan Harmon Ex-Wife & Divorce

Dan Harmon was formerly a married man; he was married to Erin McGathy, an American artist, comedian, and podcast host. The couple met and dated for a time before they were married. According to reports, Dan Erin proposed in December 2013, and in November 2014 the marriage was finally consummated.

However, the marriage was short-lived, as the couple filed for divorce only about a year later, in October 2015. The separation came as a surprise to many, as they seemed to be the perfect couple for fans and colleagues.

Does He Have A Girlfriend?

After moving away from Erin McGathy, Dan Harmon found love in another woman named Cody Heller, who is also a writer and content creator. The couple began dating in 2016 and have been together ever since. The fans expect that they will soon continue things and make the bond for life as man and wife.