Dane Dehaan Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth and Other Interesting Facts

Dane Dehaan Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth and Other Interesting Facts

In some circles, Dane Dehaan is considered an aspiring Hollywood actor, but although we do not want to dispute the appropriateness of this description, it is remarkable that this young man has done remarkably well in the few years he has been working in the American film industry. Most notably, Dane has starred in prominent films such as Chronicle (2012), Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014), A Cure for Wellness (2016), and several others.

Because of his spectacular acting abilities, his fans and moviegoers were all the more interested in learning about the background of this young American talent. Heightline.com also became curious and decided to look for information about Dehaan. We were interested in our results, so we thought it would be best to share them with you. Thank God you’re here, so learn more about the man you could easily refer to as Andrew Detmer, Harry Osborn, or Lockhart (names of movie characters) below.

Dane Dehaan Bio, Age

Completely addressed as Dane William DeHaan, Dane is an Aquarius born on February 6, 1986, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. His parents are Jeff (father), who works as a computer programmer, and his wife Cynthia Boscia – an executive at the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, better known as MetLife. His only known sibling is his older sister, Meghann Dehaan.

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Dane Dehaan Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth and Other Interesting Facts
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To enroll in school, Dane Dehaan was enrolled at Emmaus High School in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. His parents did everything they could to help him have a normal and balanced childhood, including encouraging his interest in acting. Dane Dehaan studied at his high school for three years, took part in school plays, and performed in community theater until the end of his junior year. In his senior year, Dehaan went to the University of North Carolina School of Arts, where he graduated from high school and also began his undergraduate studies, graduating in 2008.

After graduating, he made his screen debut in 2008 in an episode of Law & Order Special Victims Unit, before that he was an understudy on stage in American Buffalo and took part in the short film Woodrow Wilson in 2005. Then came a role for him as Gill in Amigo, a drama film, and At-Risk and The Front as the character Cal Tradd in both films, which were released in 2010.

Dehaan’s performances in the few films he starred in at the beginning of his career were critically acclaimed, which is why he was given more roles. He portrayed the character of Andrew Detmer in the Chronicle, which became a huge commercial success as he raised $126.6 million from his $12 million budget. His role in the film earned him the Breakthrough Performance of the Year and the Golden Schmoes Awards, both in 2012.

Other notable works he has created since then include Lawless (2012) as Cricket Godfather, Two Lovers and a Bear (2016) as a novel, and Tulip Fever (2017) as of Jan Van Loos. He has also appeared on television shows such as In Treatment (2014) as Jesse D’Amato and Timbo in True Blood (2011).

So far, his commendable acting skills have earned him a place in the category of breakthrough actors at the 2013 Hamptons International Film Festival, for his role in Kill Your Darlings (2012), where he appeared as Lucien Carr. In early 2010 he won the Obie Prize for his work in The Aliens.

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Who Is His Wife?

Dane Dehaan Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth and Other Interesting Facts
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The Dane Dehaan is a married man, he is married to the actress Anna Wood. Anna is an acclaimed American film, stage, and television actress known for her role as attorney Jamie Sawyer in the 2013 NBC television series entitled Deception.

She was born on December 30, 1985, in Mount Airy, North Carolina, barely 2 months older than her husband. Records of her acting career include her first major work as actress Cold Case – a 2009 television series in which she appeared as Kristi Duren in Season 7 Episode 6. Other works she has done over the years include Trooper (2013) as Dakota, Falling Water (2016) as The Woman in Red. She also starred in the 2012 film Chronicle with her husband in the role of Monica, while in 2010 she played the role of Claire in Nice Guy Johnny.

The Dane Dehaan and Anna Wood met in 2006 and began their friendship. As they grew older, their friendship blossomed into a dating relationship, which then led to their marriage on June 30, 2012. The two are parents of Bowie Rose DeHaan, their daughter, who was born on April 2, 2017, and they all live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Dane Dehaan Net Worth

The career of the Dane William Dehaan is undoubtedly still very young, but when one considers how impressive he has appeared in the few works in which he has appeared, there is no doubt that this actor, born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, will soon be one of those actors whose paychecks run into the millions. While we wait and watch him get there, his net worth has grown to about $750. 000.

Height And Other Interesting Facts

  • Dane stands at a height of 1.73 m or the equivalent of 5 feet 7 inches.
  • One of his hobbies is golf, and he has been spotted several times participating in charity events.
  • From 2008 until today he is a professional actor.
  • In his career, he played a fictional version of himself in I Bet My Life, a music video by Imagine Dragons.