Daniella Rodriguez Parents, Age & Height

Daniella Rodriguez – Parents, Age & Height

The Latina beauty Daniella Rodriguez made headlines early on. From pageantry to philanthropy to sports, Daniella has always traded one spotlight for another. Although she has an impressive resume from a young age, Rodriguez is best known as the beauty queen who won the heart of a baseball star. Here are the reasons why the profile of the Mexican-American sweetheart deserves special mention.

Daniella Rodriguez Bio & Age

Daniella Rodriguez is a native Laredo, born July 28, 1996, a Texas beauty of Mexican descent who grew up in her hometown and is proud of her Latin American heritage. There is little information about Daniella’s educational background. But for her university studies the beauty queen has a degree from Texas A&M International University in her pocket. She is working on polishing up her profile with a Master’s in Counseling.

Endowed with a gorgeous appearance, Daniella Rodriguez ventured into the world of pomp early on and has established herself as a pioneer. She is proud to represent her Mexican-American heritage at the beauty pageant show and won the Miss Laredo Teen USA at the age of 15. Major success followed the next year after Rodriguez was crowned Miss Texas Teen USA 2012.

Daniella Rodriguez Parents, Age & Height
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In 2016, Daniella won the Miss Texas USA crown, making unprecedented history. First, she was the first former Miss Texas Teen USA to win the state title at the first attempt. Even more, Rodriguez made history as the youngest beauty queen ever to win the title, and as the third Latina in a row to wear the Miss Texas USA crown. She later represented the State of Texas in the Miss USA 2016 contest, but unfortunately, she didn’t make it to the finals. Although Daniella Rodriguez retired from the pageant after the Miss USA 2016 contest, she has remained in the spotlight for other reasons.

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Her parents

There is a lack of information about Daniella Rodriguez’s parents. However, it is no secret that she is a fruit that did not fall far from the tree and comes from a close-knit family. Not many people know that Daniella’s mother and grandmother are also former beauty queens. In fact, it was Daniella’s mother who first persuaded her to venture into pageantry in the first place. It is uncertain if Rodriguez has any other siblings, but we do know that she has a brother.

More than that, her parents run a family business and the beauty queen was active in her profession during her childhood. A star with strong family values, one of Daniella Rodriguez’s motivations for success is the desire to repay her parents for all the sacrifices they made for her.

Who is her boyfriend?

Recently, Daniella Rodriguez has been in the spotlight after having a relationship with baseball player Carlos Correa. Like most modern love stories, social media played a major role in the couple’s romance, which can be described as love at first sight.

After Rodriguez was crowned Miss Texas 2016, she caught the attention of Correa, who quickly slipped into her Instagram DMs to congratulate her. Interestingly, the beauty queen was initially reluctant to give an answer but was later persuaded by her mother to accept the baseball player’s congratulations. The duo didn’t speak for months until later this year Daniella botched the ceremonial first pitch in the Astros game as part of her final Miss Texas event. That night, the couple went on a romantic rendezvous in Houston’s North Italia, and today the rest is history.

Daniella Rodriguez and Carlos Correa

Daniella Rodriguez Parents, Age & Height
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A month later Daniella and Correa went public with their romance at a Kanye West concert. The Laredoan and her fiancé caught the attention of fans when they officially got engaged on the pitch of Dodger Stadium. Correa asked the big question on live television after Houston Astros won its first World Series title, making her victory even more memorable. The two are just a few steps away from walking down the aisle, with plans to exchange vows on 7 December 2019.

Daniella Rodriguez height

The blonde-haired beauty queen has enviable physical characteristics. Daniella stands at an average height of 5 feet 9 inches, supplemented by weight of about 55 kg. Her other body measurements have not been disclosed. But when you look at her appearance, it is obvious that Texas beauty goes to great lengths to maintain her beautiful and slender physique.

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More facts about the beauty queen

1. Daniella is a philanthropist.

It’s no news that Rodriguez loves children, which explains why she wants to pursue a career in counseling. Texas beauty is very involved in the charitable sector and has supported various causes over the years. As a teenager, Rodriguez worked with non-profit organizations such as Pink Ribbon Awareness, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Best Buddies, and the Special Olympics. More recently, the Larodean and her fiancé were among the philanthropists who helped the victims of Hurricane Harvey recover from the flood disaster.

2. She loves animals

Daniella Rodriguez loves animals and likes to share a sweet little dog Groot with her fiancé Correa.

3. Her hobbies

Among other fun activities, this beauty enjoys shooting bottles at the ranch, a skill she learned from her father and brother during her childhood.

4 Daniella Rodriguez Career Goals

In addition to her modeling career, it is unusual for Daniella Rodriguez to be talented and have a tendency towards the performing arts. Musically, she writes songs and plays the guitar, but her greatest talent is acting. The beauty queen hopes to become an actress in the future; she started acting when she was a child. In fact, she starred in a few independent films produced by students at the University of Texas.