Dave Kindig Age & Height, Net Worth And Career Achievements

Dave Kindig Age & Height, Net Worth And Career Achievements

The most popular series on MotorTrend, Bitchin’ Rides, is now in its fifth season and is still getting stronger. The successful TV show introduces Dave Kindig and the activities of his company Kindig-it Design. Throughout the seasons and in each episode of the series, viewers are fascinated to see Dave and his team meet a customer who brings in an often ugly-looking vehicle. The team checks the vehicle and creates a design of how it should look at the end of the day. Then the spectators watch the team take the vehicle apart and rebuild it into a stunningly beautiful masterpiece. Here we pay special attention to the life and career of the car customizer, reality TV star, and businessman Dave Kindig.

Dave Kindig Bio & Age

The reality star celebrates his birthday on 6 February and is now probably in his 60s – no information is available about his exact date of birth. Anyway, it is said that Dave began to manifest his unique interest in cars in his earliest days. Even as a child his favorite toy was Hot Wheels. He was known for taking his toy cars apart again and again as an older child.

Dave Kindig is said to have received an education until college. But there are no details about the exact schools he attended or the time. Details about his birth family, such as his parents and siblings, are also missing.

Dave Kindig Age & Height, Net Worth And Career Achievements
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However, we do know that Dave is married to Charity Kindig, who happens to be a car enthusiast. Her father is an avid fan of hot air balloons, while her mother is a remarkable fan of vintage cars. The couple is said to have met on a particular day when they spent their evening apart at a dance club. When she was eight years old, Charity’s parents started taking her to car shows and exhibitions. So she started to develop her interest in cars even then. When she got older, she once worked in a warehouse connected to a car shop.

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With his wife Charity, Dave Kindig has two children – a daughter and a son – who are now all grown up. Their daughter is called Baylee Kindig, while their son is Drew Kindig. Both work in their family business, Kindig-it Design. Both have testified that no one forced them to make their career choice, but that they chose to work in the vehicle conversion company of their own free will. So it is obvious that the interest in vehicles lies in their family.

Career Achievements

Dave Kindig is now famous for having founded Kindig-it Design together with his wife Charity and for his participation in the series Bitchin’ Rides. However, before founding his vehicle conversion company and before starting his television career, Dave spent the first eight years of his working life in a company that offers high-performance coating systems. The job gave him the opportunity to travel throughout the United States while meeting technical professionals, including car designers and builders. Without knowing it, these experiences prepared the man for his future career as an automaker.

After the birth of her second child, Dave’s wife encouraged him to start his business by customizing cars. So he bought a piece of land on which he wanted to build the factory. Then he quit his job. It is said that the company suffered from a lack of capital, which put a serious financial burden on the whole family. But they managed to survive the storm and finally reached a great level as it is now.

Dave Kindig Age & Height, Net Worth And Career Achievements
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The company experienced its breakthrough when it became the center of the MotorTrend series Bitchin’ Rides. It is based in Salt Lake City in the state of Utah in the United States of America. The man also appeared in 9 episodes of the 2015 series, Beyond Bitchin’ Rides.

Because of his talent and hard work, Dave has received many awards and honors, including the Ford Design Award 2013, the Master Builder Award 2012, the GM Design Award 2007, and many others.

Dave Kindig Net Worth

In 2019 Dave Kindig is expected to have an estimated net worth of $3 million. He rakes in his fortune from his company Kindig-it Design. He also earns a good sum with his role in the MotorTrend series.

Height and Weight

Dave Kindig stands at a height of 165 cm (5 feet 4 inches) and has a weight of 65 kg. His hair and eye color are brown.