Davey Detail Bio, Net Worth & All About Rose McGowan’s Ex-Husband

Davey Detail Bio, Net Worth & All About Rose McGowan’s Ex-Husband

While fans of the WB hit series “Charmed” may be familiar with details about star actress Rose McGowan, not much is known about Davey Detail, the man who once stole her heart. McGowan’s past relationships have always made headlines, and it was Detail’s romance with the famous actress that pushed him into the public eye. Despite the other high-profile relationships of the Charmed Ones’ star, Davey Detail remarkably became the first man with whom she walked down the aisle. Find answers to frequently asked questions about the visual artist and former celebrity spouse.

Who is Davey Detail?

Washington-born David Leavitt was born on January 12, 1983. There is a lack of information about his parents, family background, early life, and elementary school education. David’s artistic inclinations were evident from an early age. So he began to pursue his passion as a student and took part in various design and art competitions. He first attended The Art Institute of Seattle before he acquired further artistic skills and raised his profile at The Art Institute of California-San Francisco.

Davey Detail Bio, Net Worth & All About Rose McGowan’s Ex-Husband
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Professional Accomplishments

There is no public record of Davey Detaill’s professional efforts before 2010, and it is uncertain whether he first worked in other institutions immediately after graduation. However, Detail is widely known for CYRCLE, the art business he co-founded in 2010 with two other artists – Devin Liston and David Torres. CYRCLE soon gained public attention for her outstanding artwork, which eventually made it into some of Los Angeles’ most prestigious art galleries.

Four years later, CYRCLE launched an advertising program called OVERTHROWN, a campaign that took the organization to several European cities. The visual artist Davey Detail and his colleagues are best known for their creative art collections, which they exhibit in various art galleries in Los Angeles. CYRCLE also promotes its work in social media, where it has built up a strong fan base.

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Net Worth

He may not be entitled to fame, but Davey Detaill’s professional efforts have undeniably paid off financially. The visual artist’s salary and net worth have not been disclosed, but it is believed that he has amassed a decent fortune and can afford a comfortable lifestyle. Moreover, although Detail has enjoyed some benefits from his marriage to Rose McGowan, his net worth will be small compared to that of the famous actress. His ex-wife currently has a net worth estimated at $18 million.

Davey Detail’s Height

Davey Detail has impressive physical properties. The blue-eyed visual artist stands at a height of 1.8 m, complemented by weight of about 75 kg. Although his other body measurements have not been disclosed, it is obvious that Detail has maintained a good constitution over the years.

All About Rose McGowan’s Ex-Husband

  • Davey Detail’s Relationship with Rose McGowan

It is uncertain how and when exactly the paths of Davey Detail and Rose McGowan first crossed. But the visual artist and the actress/singer/film producer/director were together for about a year before their engagement in July 2013. A few months later, in October of the same year, Davey and Rose closed the deal in a private ceremony held at Paramour Mansion in Los Angeles, surrounded by close family and friends.

But almost three years later, the enchanting actress who filed for divorce cited irreconcilable differences as the final reason why she and the visual artist called it over. The former couple separated in May 2015 but completed the divorce in November 2016. While the actress asked the judge to reject any claim for marital maintenance, it is assumed that the couple divided their assets out of court. Davey Detail and Rose McGowan’s union did not produce children.

Davey Detail Bio, Net Worth & All About Rose McGowan’s Ex-Husband
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Many months after her divorce, the charming actress admitted that, contrary to public speculation, she bears the main blame for the separation because of her non-binding attitude towards her marriage. Rose also revealed that she and Davey have been good friends for a long time and would continue to be so despite the separation.

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Before McGowan, there is no public record of Davey Details dating history because it was the visual artist’s marriage to the famous actress that brought him into the limelight. On the other hand, the charming actress used to date rocker Marilyn Manson and director Robert Rodriguez. McGowan and Manson were together for three and a half years and their relationship even grew to a two-year engagement. But they never made it to the altar and eventually separated due to differences in lifestyle.

Then the actress found love in the arms of director Rodriguez. They were also engaged in 2007, but after two years together they canceled the engagement. The circumstances of the former couple’s separation are unknown, as neither of the two parties has released any information to the public.

  • Post Divorce

Not much is known about Davey Detail’s life since his divorce from Rose McGowan, and it is uncertain if he has found love again. At the moment it is believed that Detail is more focused on building his visual art business. Born in Bellevue, Washington, the artist is currently based in the city of Los Angeles and is perhaps living his best life to date.

  • Social Media 

Unlike his famous ex-wife, who is already used to the limelight, Davey Detail shuns public attention. Besides his professional social media publicity with CYRCLE, the visual artist has no personal accounts on some popular social networking sites. More than that, he has not been involved in any public scandal and continues to live his life mostly under the radar.