David Guetta Bio, Wife or Girlfriend, Age, Height and Other Facts

David Guetta Bio, Wife or Girlfriend, Age, Height and Other Facts

In the entertainment scene, where disc jockeys (DJs) are largely not as popular as musicians, David Guetta is undoubtedly a unique talent that stands out from the rest. Apart from being a world-renowned DJ, he is also a record producer, songwriter, and remixer with over thirty million singles sold and 9 million albums sold. Although he released an album in 2004 and 2007, it was his 2009 album “One Love” with the hit song When Love Takes Over that brought him international recognition. In the 2011 survey of DJ Mag Top 100 DJs, he was voted first place for his commendable works.

David Guetta Bio, Age

David Pierre Guetta was born on November 7, 1967, in Paris, France, the son of a Moroccan Jewish father and a Belgian mother. He began his first experience as a DJ in Paris at the Broad Club. Before he discovered house music, he played normal popular songs like his colleagues. But in 1987 things changed after he heard one of the songs of Farley Jackmaster Funk on a radio station in France. The following year he got the chance to organize club evenings where he played house music. Then he collaborated with French hip-hop rapper Sidney Duteil to release Nation Rap in 1990. Soon he became one of the managers of the nightclub “Le Palace”, where he led the organization of high-profile parties.

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David Guetta founded his first production company together with Joachim Garraud in 2001. He released the hit single “Just a Little More Love”, a collaboration with Chris Willis, an American singer he met while on vacation in France. The following year, an album with the same title (Just a Little More Love) was released on Virgin Records, which sold well and reached over 300,000 copies.

David Guetta – Bio, Wife or Girlfriend, Age, Height and Other Facts
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International Breakthrough

During his career as a DJ in his home country France, he was quite successful, but it was only after the release of his fourth album “One Love” in 2009 that he began to gain international attention. Moreover, due to the fact that he presented Kelly Rowland (one of the members of the now-disbanded girl group “The Destiny’s Child”) in the song “When Love Takes Over”, the song became an instant hit. The single was a chart leader in many countries and managed well to reach number 1 in the British single charts.

In 2011 David Guetta was voted number 1 in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs survey, a position decided by the votes of the fans. This happened after the release of his new album and the beat, which further consolidated his international position as a formidable DJ. The album included break-out singles such as Turn Me On Little Bad Girl, Where Them Girls At, Without You, and Titanium. In 2013, the 2009 hit When Love Takes Over was crowned the number one dance-pop collaboration of all time.

David Guetta Height

David Guetta is an entertainer who has not only the skills but also the charm and charming looks of the boy next door. Even in his older years he still has a soft and edgy style that matches his bubbly personality. Moreso, who stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.73 m), coupled with a weight of 82 kg (181 lbs), proves that he cultivates a good and healthy lifestyle, and that would certainly help him look his best whenever he performs in public or when he has a gig.

Personal Life – Wife, Girlfriend

David Guetta – Bio, Wife or Girlfriend, Age, Height and Other Facts
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Given that David Guetta is a creative person who has also been in the entertainment industry for a very long time, it is expected that he has a romantic side to his work, and he certainly does. He first began a relationship with a nightclub manager named Cathy Lobe, and the two married in 1992, and together they had two children, a son, Tim Elvis Eric, born February 9, 2004, and a daughter, Angie, born September 23, 2007.

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Unfortunately, David and Lobe separated in March 2014 after twenty-two years of marriage, after they had filed for divorce in a Parisian court due to irreconcilable differences. In July 2015, he began to meet Jessica Ledon and they have not yet indicated any marriage plans.

Other Facts

1. Before the release of his 2009 international hit album One Love, he had already released Guetta Blaster (2004) and Pop Life (2007).

2. His second number 1 chart single in the UK was the song Sexy Bitches from his 2009 album One Love. In this song, he introduced Akon, who was a top artist at that time.

3. In June 2009 he produced the single I Got a Feeling, which was featured on the fifth studio album of The Black Eyed Peas The song became the most downloaded single in the USA at that time with over 7.5 million downloads.

4. David Guetta is an acclaimed co-author of Kelly Rowland’s 2010 hit single Commander.