Diane Clohesy Bio, Family & Facts About Steve Bannon’s Ex-wife
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Diane Clohesy is a former model who is famous for her marriage to Steve Bannon, who is currently chief strategist for the White House and senior advisor to President Donald Trump. He is a close friend of Trump and was instrumental in his successful presidential campaign, so it was only natural that his loyalty and hard work was rewarded with an administrative appointment. The announcement of his appointment caused a riot throughout the United States, as he was considered to be completely unqualified for the position he had been given. Diane’s former husband has also attracted a great deal of attention, mostly negative, for his anti-Semitic, misogynist and white-racist views, which he has repeatedly expressed.

Her relationship with Steve Bannon put her in the spotlight, which brought her a lot of attention from both the media and ordinary citizens. Diane became a controversial figure in public after her struggle with mental illness, violence, and drug addiction came to light. Her many struggles with the law and the unflattering situations she often found herself in have earned her more than her fair share of tabloid coverage.

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Diane Clohesy Bio

Diane Clohesy moved from Ireland to the United States in 1990. There is no information about her date, place, and month of birth, nor has she revealed anything about her family background. The names and professions of her parents are not known either.

She has a brother named Declan, but it is not clear if he is her only sibling. Diane’s considerable physical beauty lured her to a career as a model, which eventually led her to move to America in the hope of finding more lucrative work opportunities in the modeling industry.

Diane Clohesy Bio, Family & Facts About Steve Bannon’s Ex-wife
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It was initially difficult for her to gain a foothold in her chosen profession as her height was somewhat less than the average height required for models. However, she did not lose hope and overcame, again and again, the blocks that stood in her way. Diane used her vibrant personality to charm her way into appearances that enriched her portfolio. Over time she became more successful and was able to make a name for herself in the industry. She decided to expand her opportunities by enrolling in the New York Fashion Institute of Technology, where she studied marketing. She then worked as a model for the international festival Rose of Tralee.

She achieved great success after she started dating Bannon, who was already married twice at the time of their meeting. He was previously married to Cathleen Suzanne Hoff and Louise Piccard. Diane Clohesy and Bannon went to the altar in 2006 to make their vows to each other. Unfortunately, their marriage turned sour after only a few years together and their divorce was finalized in 2009. The two remained civil to each other even after their marriage ended. Bannon has not withdrawn his support for Diane’s career and financial well-being.

Diane Clohesy’s Family

Diane Clohesy’s family life remains a mystery to this day, as the earlier model was unwilling to disclose information that might reveal who her parents and siblings were and what kind of upbringing she had. She seems to love to keep her private life to herself and has so far been very good at protecting personal details about her life.

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Facts About Steve Bannon’s Ex-Wife

She tried to smuggle marijuana

Diane Clohesy is no novice when it comes to breaking the law. Her struggles with substance abuse are well documented and have made headlines several times. In 2013, she was caught in prison giving marijuana to a fellow inmate.

She has been known to fault voting arrangements

Steve Bannon and his ex-wife are both guilty of voting in places where they do not actually live, even though they have rented houses in those places in the past. This is considered election fraud, but the authorities choose not to investigate or prosecute the issue in any way.

Diane assaulted a flight attendant

During a flight with the airline Aer Lingus sometime in December 2002, she attacked a member of the flight crew who tried to stop her from drinking alcohol during the flight. The incident resulted in her being banned by the airline and fined for damages and personal injury.

The former model is the queen of causing a scene

Diane’s neighbors frequently call the police for loud riots and other violations, which she apparently knows how to violate skillfully.