Dorothea Hurley Biography and Facts About Jon Bon Jovi’s Wife
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Despite her long marriage to a super famous singer, Dorothea Hurley has been remarkably preserved over the years. Although Hurley is best recognized as a prominent wife, she also has an impressive resume. While there is information about the hitmaker of It’s My Life, not much is known about the woman behind his success and his smile. In an industry where marriages easily end in divorce, Hurley and her long-time lover have remained an inspiration to many couples. Find out interesting facts about the karate teacher and businesswoman you never knew.

Who is Dorothea Hurley and How Old is She?

Dorothea Hurley was born in New Jersey on September 29, 1962. There is little information about Dorothea’s birth family. It is uncertain if she had any siblings, but it is no secret that Hurley was also bred in her hometown of Sayreville by the parents Donald Hurley and Dorothy Pawlyk. Judging by her career records, it is safe to say that Dorothea was an athletic student during her studies at Sayreville War Memorial High School.

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Although she has no claim to fame of her own, Dorothea Hurley is quite successful in her own way. In her hometown New Jersey, she is not only known as a prominent wife but also as a karate teacher and businesswoman. Hurley’s karate skills can be traced back to her high school days when she won several junior championship titles.

Dorothea Hurley Biography and Facts About Jon Bon Jovi’s Wife
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Many years later Dorothea refused to rest on her oars. In the late 1990s, she improved her skills and was ranked among the four best green belt karate champions in the country. Hurley also has a 4th-degree black belt. As a businesswoman, Dorothea Hurley, along with her famous husband, is the owner of JBJ Soul Kitchen, a New Jersey-based restaurant chain that offers a SoHo dining experience.

Dorothea Hurley’s Family, Meet Her Kids

It is not news that Dorothea Hurley is happily married to her high school sweetheart – John Francis Bongiovi Jr., popularly known as Jon Bon Jovi. She met her husband at the age of eighteen when they were both studying at Sayreville War Memorial High School in their hometown. In fact, the paths of high school love first crossed in a fun way when the “It’s My Life” hitmaker tried to cheat on a test by looking at Hurley’s paper.

Although they started out as platonic friends, Dorothea’s husband later revealed that it was a case of love at first sight for him from the beginning. Also, Dorothea Hurley was not available at the time but was going out with Jon Bon Jovi’s best friend Bobby. The rocker patiently tried to win his wife’s heart and even wrote the song Bobby’s Girl for Dorothea. Fortunately, they later formed a romantic relationship, but eventually, their paths parted.

During the singer of Livin’ On A Prayer’s rapid rise to stardom, he became romantically involved with actress Diane Lane, but their relationship soon broke up, prompting Jon Bon Jovi to return to Dorothea Hurley. In April 1989, at the height of Bon Jovi’s fame, the couple secretly eloped to Nevada and made the alliance at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

But the couple’s secret marriage brought Dorothea Hurley even more enemies at the time. As the band leader, Bon Jovi not only annoyed his family and friends, but also his manager, the record company, and numerous fans. Despite the initial challenges in their marriage, love conquered high school love, and today the rest is history!

Dorothea Hurley Biography and Facts About Jon Bon Jovi’s Wife
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The union of Dorothea and Jon Bon Jovi has produced four children – the eldest is a daughter named Stephanie, followed by the three boys Jesse, Jacob, and Romeo. Almost three decades later, Dorothea and her husband have remained inseparable and still seem to be as much in love as ever. They have admitted that they are more in love with each other and that they continue to grow stronger together.

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Other Facts About Jon Bon Jovi’s Wife

  • Doting Wife and Mother

Dorothea Hurley’s husband has, at various times, paid tribute to his wife for keeping the family together. With her thread, needle, and glue she was the foundation of her family.

  • Philanthropist

The JBJ Soul Kitchen of Dorothea Hurley and her husband is not a normal restaurant chain. The “Pay it Forward” community restaurant allows guests to enjoy the dignity of a meal without judgment, but it does address food safety issues. It offers families and individuals who need a place to eat, vocational training and resources to get back on their feet. In addition, the community’s customers can help by “paying in advance” by buying food for the homeless.

  • Jon Bon Jovi’s Greatest Deal Ever

One of the secrets of Dorothea and Bon Jovi’s long-standing marriage is the fact that the two complement each other thoroughly. Since they grew in the same direction and not in opposite directions, the couple seems to be perfectly matched. Interestingly enough, Dorothea Hurley is by no means a jealous lover but enjoys watching the loyalty of the female fans at Bon Jovi concerts. It is therefore not surprising that the famous rocker considers Dorothea the biggest deal he has ever made.