Dylan Wang Biography, Girlfriend & Career Achievements

Dylan Wang – Biography, Girlfriend & Career Achievements

Fans of Meteor Garden would no doubt recognize Dylan Wang as the new hot male lead in the Netflix youth drama. In the Chinese relaunch of Meteor Garden in 2018, the actor became famous for his role as Dao Ming Si – the typically beautiful, rich and arrogant heir who falls head over heels in love with Shancai, a girl from modest circumstances.

Although he achieved fame in 2018, few people know that Wang was already a public face during his student days. With his charming bad-boy air and devilish inconspicuousness, the model/actor has made himself popular with many. Find out how the Chinese hotspur made young adults and teenagers build castles in the air and why the fans faint.

Dylan Wang Biography

Chinese actor Dylan Wang was welcomed to the world on December 20, 1998. According to public records, Dylan can be said to be quite private, as details about his parents, family background, early life, and primary school education were not disclosed. Still, it’s no secret that the actor, whose original name is Wang Hedi, grew up in his hometown Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

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Before his showbiz career, Wang was a flight attendant trained at Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation. During this time he started his modeling career. He was a poster model whose photo was used as an official image for the institution’s admission.

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Professional Achievements

As a model, Dylan Wang appeared in several variety shows and commercials. In particular, he participated in and won the Sichuan Campus Red Festival 2016. In the same year, he also gained more attention after winning a singing competition. Fans of the super idol of the Chinese Youku network will also remember Wang as the winner of the 2017 variety show.

2018 was a big year for Dylan Wang after he landed the role of Dao Ming Si in the Chinese relaunch of Meteor Garden 2018. Interestingly, the role was not only Wang’s acting debut but also his breakthrough and his biggest role to date. In the TV series for young adults, Wang became famous for his recurring character as the epitome of the handsome, rich and arrogant heir who falls head over heels in love with a girl from a modest home.

After his brilliant and charming performance in the hit series, Dylan established himself as a talented star, while at the same time making himself popular with many fans, especially in Asia. Wang’s role as Dao Ming Si character has since then paved the way for other industry efforts. In the same year, 2018, Dylan landed another television appearance on the Hunan TV Network’s variety shows The Inn.

Dylan Wang Biography, Girlfriend & Career Achievements
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Although more popular as an actor, Dylan Wang has not given up his modeling career. The Meteor Garden star was recently named the latest endorser of the British streetwear brand Bench. Wang has also appeared in Harper’s Bazaar China, a popular women’s magazine in Asia. Together with some of his Meteor Garden co-stars, Dylan Wang appeared in various music videos in 2018.

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The Girlfriend of Dylan Wang

Dylan Wang is one of those celebrities who prefer to keep the details of their personal life hidden from the media. Ever since the Asian hottie came into the spotlight, the fans (especially the female fans) have been fainting and curious about his love life. Considering the uncertainty of his relationship status, coupled with the fact that Wang isn’t romantically connected with anyone, it’s safe to say that the good-looking actor has never been married and is single.

Height & Body Measurements

Dylan Wang is undeniably a natural work of art. He towers at an impressive height of 183 cm (6 feet 0 inches). His weight and other body measurements have not been disclosed.

Other interesting facts about the actor

1. when he is not working, Dylan Wang relaxes through a variety of fun activities The actor, who is affectionately called ‘Didi’, likes to travel and listen to music as hobbies.

2 Not many people know that actor Dylan Wang was a youth ambassador during the China Tour de France 2017.

3. the Meteor Garden Star has an active social media life Even though he is not present on all popular social networking platforms, fans can connect with him via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.