Emily Axford Bio, Personal Details & Facts About Brian Murphy’s Wife

Emily Axford – Bio, Personal Details & Facts About Brian Murphy’s Wife

As for her time in the acting industry, it can’t be said that Emily Axford has spent much time in the industry as she only joined in 2009, but during this time she has made a name for herself with projects like Adam Ruin’s Everything and Hot Date. The New York-born actress has continued to make waves in the industry both as an actress, writer and producer.

She is famous for her work as an actress, but she is also a writer who, in addition to writing episodes of TV shows, has a published book to her name. It is an impressive resume for someone who entered the industry in 2009. Let’s take a closer look at her life and her path as an actress so far. Read on.

Biography of Emily Axford

Emily Axford was born on 26 July 1984 in Albany, New York, where she was also raised by her parents. We don’t know much about her background, but Emily completed her education at George Washington University, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Religion in 2007.

Emily Axford Bio, Personal Details & Facts About Brian Murphy’s Wife
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Her time at George Washington is especially remarkable as the beginning of her life in comedy and as an actress. She was a part of ReceSs, a school improvisation group. After graduating she continued to be part of a comedy improvisation group, joining the Upright Citizens Brigade and working with the troupe in both New York and Los Angeles. With the training and experience she gained with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Emily Axford began exploring other opportunities and found a job as a writer with CollegeHumor in 2011.

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From 2011 to 2018 she worked with the web series, both as a writer and as an actress. Although her popularity in the mainstream began to grow with her time at CollegeHumor, in 2009 she already had appearances in other productions such as Nice Brothers and various short films such as Charlie on Parole, The Plumber, Overly Ambitious Ensemble Drama, Accidentes and several others. During her time at CollegeHumor, she starred in the show Dinosaur Office as the characters Sheila and Maria. She also played in Jake and Amir as Emily.

For Emily Axford, most of her career has consisted of appearances on web shows on various digital platforms until 2015, when she starred in Self Conscious Workout as Emmy and as Naomi in an episode of Bad Internet in 2016. Her first major appearance on a national television show was Adam Ruin’s Everything in 2015, where she starred as herself from 2015 to 2018.

Other notable projects in which Emily Axford has starred include Hot Date, Dimension 20 and Tuca & Bertie.

Outside acting, she is also a member of the cast of Not Another D&D Podcast, a podcast about Dungeons and Dragons.

Personal Details About Brian Murphy’s Wife

Maintaining a long and lasting relationship in Hollywood can be quite a challenge, but the chances are better if you work closely with your husband. That was the story of Emily Axford and Brian K. Murphy.

Emily Axford Bio, Personal Details & Facts About Brian Murphy’s Wife
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The two met while they were both working on the web series CollegeHumor and they have been nurturing their relationship ever since, which turned into a marriage on September 20, 2014, when they exchanged vows in front of their friends and family in West Hollywood, California. Their marriage has not produced a child since they became a couple.

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Emily appeared on the show Hot Date with her husband, along with her work as a co-producer. Their relationship is also the fruit of their authorship, as they co-wrote the book ‘HEY, U UP’. (for a serious relationship): How to turn the booty call into an emergency contact.

In further establishing the love and affection that Emily Axford and Brian Murphy share, they renewed their vows in 2016, two years after their marriage. The couple lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Other Facts About Emily Axford

Because of the diversity of her income, we cannot determine the exact net worth of Emily Axford, but she is considered to have a net worth of $500,000.

Emily Axford and her husband also host the 8-Bit Book Club, a podcast where they discuss books and shows.

Although she didn’t do much about music as an adult, she played the flute for song covers in high school.