Emily Luther Bio, Family & Facts About The Voice Contestant

Emily Luther – Bio, Family & Facts About The Voice Contestant

Before modern inventions made life easier, aspiring musicians tormented executives and producers with CDs of their mixtapes and songs, hoping to get a call that would send them on their way to becoming music stars. But thanks to platforms like YouTube, those days are over, because the modern way has produced its own share of music stars like Justine Bieber, Charlie Puth, and Emily Luther.

While the first two have gone through the traditional music journey since they were discovered on YouTube, Emily Luther has gone through another journey, which was to sign with the music label of comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and perform on the music reality show The Voice.

For fans of the show, her YouTube followers and anyone who wants to know who the talented musician is, here is everything you need to know about Emily Luther.

Emily Luther Biography

Emily Luther was born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, on July 24, 1992, the daughter of her parents. Not much is known about her childhood background, but according to reports about her, she fell in love with music as a child and maintained her love of art into adulthood.

Emily Luther Bio, Family & Facts About The Voice Contestant
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The strength of her passion for music extended into her academic history when she enrolled at Berklee College of Music, where she studied vocal performance & music therapy. While at Berklee, Emily Luther’s relentless passion for music led her to compose and sing a cover of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’, which she sang with another Berklee student, Charlie Puth. The cover song, which was uploaded to YouTube, soon became viral.

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Due to the popularity of the video and the impressive nature of her singing talent, she and Charlie were invited to the famous Ellen DeGeneres talk show, where they both performed a song in front of a fascinated audience.

Known for her tendency to surprise her guests, Ellen hired Emily Luther on her record label, eleven eleven eleven on the show, and then signed a publishing contract with the huge music company Universal Music Publishing Group.

Since Emily Luther became known for her viral song, she has used her powerful vocal skills to collaborate with other musicians such as Yolanda Adams and Dionne Warwick. She has also secured other gigs, such as singing for the Grammy Foundation.

During an exploratory phase, Emily Luther tried to penetrate the world of contemporary pop and jazz and signed up for an audition for the music reality show The Voice.

During the show, Emily Luther continued to gain fans and popularity by performing a number of songs, including Summertime, which brought her under the wing of Maroon 5 lead singer, who is also a judge on the show, Adam Levine. Her time on the 2017 show, unfortunately, did not lead to a win, but she left the show with a higher profile.

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Emily Luther’s Family

Despite a considerable time in the limelight, there was little information about the personal life of Emily Luther. There is no known information about the existence of a personal relationship, in the form of a boyfriend or girlfriend.

As far as her family is concerned, the story remains the same, the only known fact being the existence of at least one sibling, an older brother, who has supported her as a musician until now.

The support of her family was illustrated by the appearance of her mother and brother behind the stage of The Voice during her audition.

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Other Interesting Facts About The Voice Contestant

1. During her time on the show, Emily Luther sang songs like Send My Love (To Your New Lover) and Glitter in the Air. Her performance of the songs helped her win a few rounds during the fighting phase of the contest.

2. Her cover song, which she recorded with Charlie Puth, was named the Perez Hilton Top Cover Song of the Week on the Internet

3. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, she initially failed to become a solo artist and returned to her home in Rhode Island, where she made ends meet by performing at weddings and corporate events.

4. During her 13th season audition for The Voice, three out of four chairs turned for her. It was Adam Levine, Jennifer Hudson, and Blake Shelton.

5. Emily Luther is 5’8″ tall. She’s known for her blonde hair.