Enya Umanzor Height, Parents & Family Members
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When the video-sharing platform Vine was released, it quickly became one of the most popular applications in the world as different people around the world used the app to share their knowledge and creativity. When its inevitable demise came in the mid-2010s and most of its popular users migrated to YouTube, it became one of the world’s most popular applications. One of them is Enya Umanzor, better known as Enjaja on social media platforms.

Although many migrated from Vine to YouTube, a significant number of them did not maintain the same popularity and quality after the transition, but so far Enjaja has been able to expand her fan base beyond her Vine days, with over a million subscribers compared to the 500,000 in her Vine years.

Below you can read more about the things that make her stand out and other interesting information about her.

Enya Umanzor Height, Parents & Family Members
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Enya Umanzor – Biography & Age

Enya Umanzor, known to many simply as Enjaja, was born on January 22nd, 1999 in Miami, Florida. She has a total of four siblings. Not much is known about her background. Enya grew up in a simple life outside the media hype and attended high school until she used the video-sharing platform Vine in 2013 and uploaded her first video to the platform. This was the beginning of a series of videos that eventually catapulted Enya to a social media star.

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Before she finally left the platform, Enya Umanzor had gained over 500,000 fans and at the height of her popularity, she switched to YouTube, where she continues to produce her videos and attract even more fans. Umanzor’s videos focus on beauty and she is known for her make-up videos and vlogs about her daily life. Although not a unique category of content on YouTube, the way and style with which she produces her videos have earned her a large fan base on all major social media platforms.

Some of her videos, such as the video First Day of Senior Year Vlog, have had over 3.2 million hits, while another, a music video featuring her and other beauty bloggers, has over 2 million hits.

On her main platform, YouTube, she has seen over 50 million hits from over a million subscribers, which is an average of about 200,000 hits per video. On other platforms like Instagram, she has over one million followers and over 700,000 followers on Twitter. Enjaja is also present on YouNow with over 60 thousand fans.

Enya Umanzor Height, Parents & Family Members
Image source

Despite the tight schedule for maintaining an online career along with her academic education, Enya Umanzor has been able to remain relevant in the beauty blogging community and as a social media influencer overall.

Outside of her social media career, Enya Umanzor is known for her love of traveling and shopping.

Who are Enya Umanzor’s Parent & Family Members?

The unusual nature of Enya’s name reveals her mixed background with parents of Honduran and American origin. The names of her parents are unknown, but it is believed that she has a loving relationship with them, as she has explained several times on her Instagram and YouTube pages.

Other notable family members include her siblings Dontae, Natalie, Leo, and Sophia, all of whom grew up in Miami, Florida.

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Enya Umanzor’s Height

As someone whose videos are primarily based on physical beauty and the way to achieve it, Enya Umanzor boasts her own physical beauty, with a height of  5 feet 6 inches and bodyweight of 58 kg.

Enya is of a slim build with a fitness level that suggests a long stay at the gym, and the result is evident in her body curves measured at 32, 25, and 34 inches for her chest, waist, and hip widths.

Enya Umanzor also has other body characteristics such as dark brown eyes and hair.

Other Facts About Enya Umanzor

  • Enya Umanzor is in a relationship with the singer, Roy Blair. The couple has reportedly been in a relationship since 2017 and appears to still be going strong as shown by her social media posts.
  • Her first published video on Vine was on November 20, 2013, and it was named This Fandom.
  • Her work as a social media personality has earned her an estimated net worth in the region of $300,000. Enjaja’s net worth is believed to have come through her ad revenue on both YouTube and Instagram and other investments.