Guy Madison Biography and Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows, Is He Gay

Guy Madison – Biography and Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows, Is He Gay

Charismatic, handsome, and very relaxed, Guy Madison was an American movie star who amazed movie lovers with his immense talent. He became the darling of many Americans, not only because of his acting abilities but because he had good-looking qualities. He appeared in so many films and TV series won awards for his incredible work in front of the camera and apparently consolidated his place as one of the most interesting Hollywood stars of his generation. A multi-talented man, Guy was also a radio star who was loved for having a “soothing voice”.

As an actor, he is best known for his portrayal of Wild Bill Hickok in the western television series The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok from 1951 to 1958. He is also known for his work on Till the End of Time, a drama film and so many other projects he worked on during his lifetime.

Who was Guy Madison?

Guy Madison was born on January 19, 1922. The actor was born at Pumpkin Center, a community in California, USA. Although he became known as Guy Madison, it is remarkable that his real birth name was actually Robert Ozell Moseley.

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The actor grew up in California with four siblings; three brothers and one sister. His brothers were identified as Wayne, Harold, and David Moseley, and his sister’s name became known as Rosemary Moseley. They shared close relationships during their lifetime.

Guy Madison Biography and Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows, Is He Gay
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Nothing is known about where Guy Madison had his primary education. We do know, however, that he attended Bakersfield College in California for about two years before working as a telephone operator. After some time he decided to join the US Navy in 1942, during the Second World War.

In 1944, just before the end of the Second World War, Guy, who was on vacation at the time, visited Hollywood to see the sights there. During his visit, his beautiful features caught the eye of Henry Willson, a talent scout from Vanguard Pictures. It was at this time that Guy Madison began his journey as a movie star.

Guy Madison Net Worth

There is no doubt that Guy Madison was able to pocket a lot of money during his acting career. He took part in many movies, amazed the fans with his talent, and became the darling of many people. He also worked on radio, consolidating his financial independence.

According to sources, Guy Madison’s Net worth was about $1.4 million at the time of his death in 1996.

Films and TV shows

Guy Madison started his acting career in 1944 after he met Henry Willson, the talent scout. Henry then cast him in the film Since You Went Away, a drama. When the film came out, many fans were impressed by Guy Madison and wrote thousands of letters to Vanguard Pictures Studios asking who he was. It was clear that the audience loved Guy Madison and he began to play in other movies.

In 1946, when he was discharged from military service, Guy Madison played the leading role in Till the End of Time as Cliff W. Harper and caused a sensation in this role. The next year he played Corporal Phil Vaughn in Honeymoon, then he played the role of Eddie Tayloe in the 1948 movie Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven. By this time Guy was already a favorite of movie lovers in America, mainly because of his good looks.

Guy Madison got one of the greatest acting roles of his career in 1951 when he was cast as Wild Bill Hickok in The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok, an American western series. The series became a big hit and brought the actor a new level of fame among Americans and fans abroad. He played the role in 112 episodes from 1951 to 1958, gaining admiration for his talent and becoming a household name.

Guy Madison Biography and Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows, Is He Gay
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The actor also played other great roles in movies such as The Beast of Hollow Mountain 1957, Jet Over the Atlantic 1959, Slave of Rome 1961, The Executioner of Venice 1963, Old Shatterhand 1964, Renegade Riders 1967, Reverend’s Colt 1970, Il baco da seta 1974, Where’s Willie? 1978, The Rebels 1979, William Tell 1987, and Red River 1988, among many others.

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Here is Guy Madison Wife.

Guy Madison married several women during his life. His first marriage was to Gail Russell, an American actress. They married in 1949, after being together for a while. However, their marriage turned sour and they separated in 1953 before they finally divorced in October 1954.

In the same month, October 1954 Guy married his second wife, Sheila Connolly, another American actress. The couple married in Juarez, Mexico, and eventually had three daughters together – Bridget, Erin, and Dolly. Their marriage did not last forever, however, as they separated in November 1960 and were finally divorced in April 1963.

Guy Madison is also said to have had an affair with Gia Scala, a British-American actress, and model. However, their affair did not lead to marriage.

Was He Gay?

Guy Madison was a very handsome man and it is easy for people to believe that he was gay. However, there is no evidence whatsoever that he was gay in his lifetime. He was married to several women and had an affair with Gia Scala. Apparently, he was very fond of women.

His Death

Guy Madison died on 6 February 1996 in the Desert Hospital Hospice in Palm Springs, California. He died of emphysema at the age of 74 and was buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Cathedral City, California.