Heidi Somers Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth And Family Life
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Heidi Somers is an American celebrity who has a body that many women want, she is a fitness model and a YouTube personality par excellence. Before, she was quite thin and did not feel comfortable with her appearance. Heidi then decided to put on a little more weight, which she then tore to perfection. When she saw the result of her efforts, she thought it best to tell others via YouTube how she had streamlined her body to perfection and still managed to keep it that way. Her online presence then led to her worldwide fame, which is why many people longed to learn more about her background.

The following sections will do justice to this when we look at Heidi Somers’ biography, her family life, her fortune, and, in general, everything we have found about her. So please continue reading!

Heidi Somers Biography, Age

Somers celebrates her birthday every March 14th, since she was born on that day in 1989 at the North Pole in Alaska. She lived in Alaska for much of her life before she was old enough to take care of herself and then moved to San Antonio, Texas, where she attended college.

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Heidi Somers Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth And Family Life
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During her time in college, Heidi Somers worked three jobs to pay for her tuition and other school expenses, but unfortunately, she became a recluse and had food as her only companion and confidante. Previously, she was too thin, but began to overfeed and did not exercise much, resulting in her becoming overweight and gaining up to 40 pounds.

There came a time when she became tired, if not ashamed of her appearance; one of her jobs was a receptionist at a homeopathic doctor’s office, which helped her learn a lot about the human body. Gradually and persistently, she began to focus on losing weight, and after yo-yo diets and cardio training, she did not achieve significant results. She got much more used to her routine, saw positive results, and began to consider her exercises as part of her daily life and no longer as a task to which she must be faithful.

Given the success she achieved in tearing her body apart, Heidi became an inspiration to many others who wanted to achieve what she had mastered. As expected, her visits to social media sites began to grow as she published some of her images there. In December 2008, Heidi Somers then launched a YouTube channel where she uploads videos of all her training routines and her general fitness life. Since then, the channel has seen thousands of views with even more subscribers. In addition to her channel, she also runs a website: BuffBunny.com, where she offers clothing and fitness plans.

Family Life

As mentioned above, Heidi Somers was born in Alaska, and for the most part, she grew up there with her other five siblings. She was home-schooled until she was 16 years old, and from then on she attended a public school. She was not an athletics student, but when it came to the shooting game she loved, she was a markswoman in the shooting club in her native Alaska.

The names of her family members, parents, and siblings have not been released, but there is certainly no doubt that they are proud of what Heidi has become.

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Before she moved to Texas, she faced many vicissitudes in her life within a month – she lost her job, broke up with her boyfriend, and finally had a car accident. The best way to tell is that she left Alaska depressed and in search of a new life. Not only did she find that in Texas, but after many years of enduring training, she became the inspiration for many others who wanted to get fit and live a healthy life.

The BuffBunny lady was reportedly in a relationship with her fitness guru Christian Guzman. It is not known whether they are still together or have gone their separate ways. However, we hope that the success she has seen in her fitness career will be repeated in her relationship life and in her other endeavors.

Heidi Somers Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth And Family Life
Image source

Heidi Somers Body Stats – Height

Heidi Somers stands at a height of 1.50 m or 4 feet 11 inches. At this height, she weighs between 125-135 lbs or 56.7-61.2 kg. There is no question that she has an athletic build, probably one of the sexiest you can find out there.

Heidi Somers Net Worth

Being fit and living healthily is good business, and Heidi has done well to tap into this developing niche. She has used the power of social media to establish herself as one of the go-getters who know their onions in the fitness industry. As a result, she has been well rewarded and would obviously continue to increase her net worth, currently estimated at around $250,000.