Holly Rowe Bio, Married, Husband, Son, Gay, Does She Have Cancer?

Holly Rowe Bio, Married, Husband, Son, Gay, Does She Have Cancer?

Holly Rowe is an American sports television anchor who has been a full-time ESPN reporter since 1998, working on the sidelines of college football. Previously she worked with other media such as CBS and ABC. In addition to her side reporting, Holly Rowe has produced a handful of documentaries. Rowe has proven to be very resilient in her work, and even in the face of adversity, the ever-charismatic Rowe has never compromised on hard work.

Holly Rowe Bio

Holly Rowe was born on June 16, 1966. She received a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Utah in 1991. After graduation, Rowe began her career as a presenter and sports reporter for radio and television stations in her native Utah. From 1991 to 1992 she completed a one-year internship at CBS Sports.

Rowe became a news anchor for Brigham Young University campus television station, KBYU-TV, and worked as a sports reporter for the Daily Utah Chronicle and the Davis County Clipper.

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Holly Rowe – Bio, Married, Husband, Son, Gay, Does She Have Cancer?
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In 1993, she joined FOX Sports as a call to play-by-play for college women’s basketball games.

In 1995, she began her part-time reporting career with ABC Sports. In 1997, Holly joined ESPN as a part-time reporter for college games but made it full-time in 1998. In addition to covering college soccer games for ESPN, Rowe occasionally covers college women’s basketball and volleyball games.

Does She Have Cancer?

Holly Rowe was diagnosed in 2016 with a type of cancer known as desmoplastic melanoma. The diagnosis was made after Rowe noticed a small spot on her breast and decided to visit her doctor. The spot, which was a lump under her skin, was removed and it turned out to contain cancer cells. Rowe fought cancer, but she did not enjoy her victory for long, as it returned in early 2017.

In February 2017, she underwent another operation, which removed a cancerous tumor in her breast, a malignant tumor under her right arm, and 29 other lymph nodes. The cancer is believed to have spread around her body.

Holly Rowe is fighting her cancer with a treatment that is performed every 21 days. She is also testing a new cancer treatment method called amino therapy. Despite her fragile state of health, Holly Rowe remains charismatic and has only had to miss 10 days at work.

She remains active in her career and has often described her work as a side-reporter as the best therapy. She once told the Associated Press that she never thinks about cancer when she is on the sports field doing what she loves. In the same interview, Rowe expressed her frustration at having to sit around thinking about cancer when she took five days off because of the disease. “I have to stay busy or I’ll go crazy,” Rowe told AP.

ESPN stood by her as much as she stood by them. Despite her cancer diagnosis, the sports channel renewed her contract in May 2017.

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Rowe has managed to find some humor with her illness. In 2016, when she had to shave her hair because of the constant hair loss, she documented the process on social media in a video in which she was seen giggling.

Married, Husband, Son, Gay

Holly Rowe – Bio, Married, Husband, Son, Gay, Does She Have Cancer?
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Holly Rowe’s silence about her love life has forced many to wonder if the veteran sub reporter is a closed gay woman. However, there seems to be no way of knowing this, as Rowe carefully avoids talking about this part of her life despite the constant public interest.

She has an adult son named McKylin (most likely born in the 1990s) with whom she has a close relationship, as can be seen from her frequent postings about him on her social media sites. McKylin, whom Rowe apparently had with an African-American man, is an aspiring actor. In one of her posts about McKylin, Rowe revealed that she had attended his college musical Cinderella, in which McKylin appeared as Prince Charming.

Another speculation about Holly Rowe’s marital status is that she is divorced from her son’s father, but part of Rowe is known only to those who have a close relationship with her in real life.