How Much Is Wendy Thomas Worth Since Her Father – Dave Thomas Died?
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Wendy Thomas is an American restaurateur best known as the daughter of Dave Thomas, a very popular American businessman. Dave Thomas was a fast-food tycoon, who was also a philanthropist, and the founder of Wendy’s, a fast-food restaurant chain. He rose to become one of the most famous names in the fast-food industry and ensured that his company gained international appeal even before his death. Because of his fame, his popularity rubbed off on his daughter Wendy, and she became one of the most talked-about American women.

Wendy Thomas is especially popular because her father named his fast-food company after her. Her image is also used as Wendy’s logo. However, it is remarkable that although she is mostly known as Dave Thomas’ daughter, Wendy is also her boss, who has achieved a lot over the years. Now questions have been asked about her current net worth, especially since her father’s death. Let’s take a look at the following chart.

Wendy Thomas Bio

Wendy Thomas was born on 14 September 1961 in Columbus, the capital of Ohio, USA. It is remarkable that although she is now called Wendy by everyone, her real name is Melinda Lou Thomas-Morse. She received the name “Wendy” during her childhood. This was because as a child she had a problem pronouncing her Ls and Rs correctly so that she could not pronounce her own name “Melinda” well enough. For this reason, she became more famous under her nickname Wendy, and the name has been kept until today. This makes her the namesake of her father’s restaurant chain, “Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers”, which is also simply called Wendy’s.

How Much Is Wendy Thomas Worth Since Her Father – Dave Thomas Died?
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As we have already mentioned, Wendy Thomas was born into an interesting home. Her father, Dave Thomas, was a popular fast food tycoon whose company Wendy’s has now reached international standards. His line of business fascinated Wendy and influenced her decision to own restaurants much later in her life. Her mother was identified as Lorraine Thomas, who was reported to be a strict but very loving woman who raised her children to be well-behaved and loving to everyone. Wendy grew up with four siblings; three sisters and one brother.

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After finishing high school, Wendy Thomas went to the University of Florida. She graduated in 1983 with a bachelor’s degree in consumer behavior research. Like her father, she developed an interest in owning and operating restaurants. According to sources, she owned several of Wendy’s restaurants in Texas until 1999. Her passion for working in the culinary industry continued to grow after her father’s death.

How Much Is She Worth Since Her Father – Dave Thomas – Died?

Wendy Thomas’ father, Dave Thomas, died in 2002 at the age of 69. As expected, this has left the family in mourning for a long time. After a period of mourning Wendy, who was already a passionate businesswoman, decided to start her own business and earn her own money. She and her siblings bought restaurants in the Columbus area, her hometown, and expanded their businesses.

How Much Is Wendy Thomas Worth Since Her Father Dave Thomas Died?
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By 2010, about 8 years after her father’s death, Wendy Thomas was already the owner or co-owner of more than 30 Wendy’s stores across America. In the same year, she began appearing in front of the camera in various commercials for Wendy’s. She also lent her voice for the commercials.

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In 2012, Wendy Thomas began appearing in a series of commercials called That Wendy’s Way. The commercials were created to reinforce the values her father had established, including quality values in ingredients, preparation, and service. These ads gave Wendy much more attention across the country and beyond.

In addition to That Wendy’s Way, she also starred in a commercial produced by the Publicis Groupe’s Kaplan Thalers group called Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburger. Over the years, she has proven herself not only a beneficiary of her father’s fame but also a woman determined to earn her name and money.

As expected, Wendy Thomas has earned quite a bit of money during her career, so according to various sources, she is currently worth about $100 million.