ImmortalHD’s Girlfriend and What is His Relationship Status?

Who Is ImmortalHD’s Girlfriend and What is His Relationship Status? Is He Dating Now?

Just a few years ago, it may have seemed ridiculous to consider YouTubers with a large following as celebrities and superstars, but the growing popularity of the video-sharing platform along with the real influence of its popular users has made them legitimate celebrities. As a result, they are subject to increased media control and attention in both their work and private lives, such as Aleksandr Vitaly aka ImmortalHD, How many want to know about ImmortalHD’s Girlfriend and dating history.

ImmortalHD has made a name for himself as a gamer in one of the leading genres of YouTube content, and his status has brought a massive amount of interest into his personal life, an interest that is further fuelled by the fact that he is a good-looking guy who is praised by several women.

In this article, we take a deeper look at the dating history and relationship status of ImmortalHD. Read on to learn more.

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Who Is ImmortalHD’s Girlfriend Now? Who Is He Dating?

ImmortalHD has been in several relationships since he got old enough to be in one, but right now, the popular player is believed to be a single man.

This may be surprising given his popularity and good looks, but Aleksandr Vitaly seems to be taking a break from relationship life after a string of failed relationships in his past.

Instead of maintaining a relationship, the Twitch player seems to focus on expanding his gaming platform. So there we have it, that’s all we could gather about ImmortalHD’s Girlfriend and What is His Relationship Status?

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Relationship History

When it comes to Aleksandr Vitaly or ImmortalHD, as he is called, there are several women in his long dating history. Although we do not know all the identities of his previous relationships, it is known that he had a relationship with Tiffany Kudrikow, who is a YouTuber and has a traditional career as a dental assistant.

Tiffany Kudrikow became known in the YouTube community through her videos, which were known for their open and often brutal honesty on a variety of topics, especially those related to women. She has a remarkable online profile, ranging from YouTube to Instagram and Twitter, where she has over 20,000 followers combined.

Unfortunately, neither ImmortalHD nor Tiffany could make their relationship permanent and it came to a short end.

After she was with Tiffany, ImmortalHD gave love another chance through a relationship with Dominica Baczek. Things seemed to go better with Dominica, and the couple even went so far as to adopt a pet, a cat named Duchess.

However, one cat was not enough to keep the two together, and after a few months of the relationship, ImmortalHD and Dominica went their separate ways.

Who Is ImmortalHD’s Girlfriend and What is His Relationship Status? Is He Dating Now?
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After the end of two known relationships, ImmortalHD was only in another known relationship, with a personality named SJ, which also came to an abrupt end.

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As three public relationships came to a disappointing end for the player, he has kept details of his personal life away from the media and is not known to have been in any relationship, especially after moving to Los Angeles, California.

Other Facts About ImmortalHD

Aleksandr Vitaly is a great animal lover and has been the keeper of a number of animals all his life. He owned a tarantula, which he called Spidarius. He also owned a guinea pig called Hank, which he gave away because of his inability to care for it. Besides the tarantula and the pig he also owned a cat named Celia and a dog named Mishka.

A few random facts about ImmortalHD are: He has a fear of flying, his favorite alcohol is vodka, his favorite color is red, and the HD in his digital name means hot dog. Among the others is his favorite band Touche Amore, and he received American citizenship in 2018.

ImmortalHD has an extensive social media presence that spans Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch. On his social media accounts, he has over 1.2 million followers on all platforms.

When he started his YouTube career, Aleksandr Vitaly hid his face from his audience for about four years and finally revealed his face in an elaborate sketch video in which he was kidnapped by attackers who wanted to see his true face. For four years he wore famous masks, especially robot masks.

Besides ImmortalHD he has another nickname, Aleks, which is derived from his real name.