Is Diamond Ott In The Army? What Are His Height And Weight?

Is Diamond Ott In The Army? What Are His Height And Weight?

With all due respect and all the nobility that people who serve in the military get, it is not a profession that is known for making people famous, except under exceptional circumstances. But for the military, impossibility is nothing, and one man who has defied expectations is Diamond Ott, an American Samoan known in social media for his physical fitness.

In social media, especially on Instagram, where he runs the @diamondcut_fitness account, Diamond Ott has attracted many fans and also questions, and many people are queuing up to learn more about the man who is often called the strongest soldier in the world.

We answer these questions below, scroll down to check them out.

Is Diamond Ott in the Army? 

One of the main questions about Diamond Ott is whether he is really a soldier, because soldiers are not known for their general popularity, and his soldier identity could be as valid as Dr. Dre is a real doctor. But the truth is, Diamond Ott is really in the army.

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Diamond Ott, who was born on June 27, 1981, in American Samoa, joined the army after leaving high school. His relationship with the army is about as long as his journey as a fitness expert.

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He entered the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps program in high school and joined the Army after graduation, where he was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. Diamond Ott is still a member of the United States Army and is now a First Sergeant.

He has been in the Army for more than 14 years, first as an Airborne Ranger with Green Beret and then as a member of the Delta Force. As a soldier, he was awarded several medal ribbons.

In the Army, he is currently a logistics consultant and chief mentor of the 1st Cavalry Division stationed in Fort Hood.

Outside the Army, he is a certified extreme fitness trainer and it is a journey that began when he was sent to Afghanistan in 2012. He had already developed a culture in high school where he spent a lot of time in the gym, and after his deployment, he began to spend his free time training.

He began to set goals for himself, and when he had achieved each goal, he immersed himself in the world of fitness.

In October 2015 he began to document his training routine and fitness life on Instagram, using the handle @diamondcut_fitness, and not long after that, he became a social media sensation, with more than 660 thousand followers on his account.

Diamond Ott, who became the trainer for the 135 soldiers in his company, was featured in several men’s fitness magazines, including Men’s Health, and earned the label of the world’s strongest soldier.

As a fitness trainer in the Army, Diamond Ott organizes fitness competitions and has spent much time training, leading, and motivating various troops around the world, as well as civilians.

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 What are His Height and Weight? 

Diamond Ott has a height of 6 feet 1 inch and a bodyweight of 198 pounds. His journey to his massive weight began in Afghanistan in 2012 when he set himself the goal of going from 150 pounds to 180 pounds.

Is Diamond Ott In The Army? What Are His Height And Weight?
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Through a combination of different training routines, such as bench presses of 315 pounds and weight lifting of 520 pounds, he has increased his height.

Diamond Ott’s training principles, which have determined his career both as a soldier in the army and as a fitness trainer, include whole-body movements, combination movements with short breaks between training sessions.

The popular training routine of an army fitness trainer includes cardiovascular exercises three times a week, with different exercises performed each week. For his upper body training, he does push-ups, pull-ups, sandbags, and overhead lifts with medical balls.

At its core, Diamond Ott relies on the Dragon Flag routine made popular by martial arts icon Bruce Lee and movie star Sylvester Stallone. In this exercise, you lie on your back while your arms hold something strong, knees raised to your chest, lower back up, and bent legs raised to the ceiling.

For 15-minute training routines, Diamond Ott recommends doing two push-ups while shuffling to the right on your feet and hands, and then two more while doing the same on the left. Then jump up and do 2 push-ups with your knees raised and a 10-foot bear crawl. He recommends doing the exercise repeatedly within 15 minutes.