Is ESPN Israel Gutierrez Gay or Married? His Salary And Net Worth

Is ESPN Israel Gutierrez Gay or Married? His Salary And Net Worth

In addition to the daily viewers on our television screens, ESPN’s Israel Gutierrez is best recognized as a journalist who loves sports and competition. From coverage of some of the most exciting sports games to interviews with some of the country’s best athletes, Israel Gutierrez has not only built a distinguished career and reputation but has also established himself as a household name. In addition to his professional achievements, it is unusual for the ESPN on-air personality to have personal, impressive sporting records. Considered a powerhouse on the flag football field, here is a detailed look at Gutierrez’s life including his great “coming out” story.

Israel Gutierrez Bio.

The Florida-born sports reporter and analyst were born on June 26, 1977. There is a lack of information about Israel Gutierrez’s parents, family background, and early life. However, it is no secret that he is of Dominican descent and was raised by his parents in Miami. Israel’s academic records show that he first attended North Miami Senior High before studying journalism at the University of Florida, Gainesville.

Israel Gutierrez’s earliest professional experience dates back to his college years. Initially, he worked as a staff writer for his school’s student newspaper – The Independent Florida Alligator – and before graduating he worked as a freelance journalist for three newspapers throughout the state of Florida.

Is ESPN Israel Gutierrez Gay or Married? His Salary And Net Worth
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After graduation, Gutierrez got a job at the Palm Beach Post: The Marlins Beat. He then reported on the Miami Heat for the Miami Herald. In 2008, Israel began working as a sports commentator for ESPN and officially joined the station as a full-time employee in 2012.

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At ESPN, Israel Gutierrez has held various positions and has also risen through the ranks of journalists and has established himself as a household name through the national platform. He has worked on successful shows such as Around the Horn, The Sports Reporter, Dan LeBatard Show, Highly Questionable, as well as co-hosting his own radio show Izzy and Spain.

Throughout his career, Israel Gutierrez has had the opportunity to interview some of the country’s best athletes and report on some of the most exciting sports games. With the same dedication and discipline, the Florida-born sports journalist has used his brain muscles and undoubtedly built a brilliant career and reputation.

Net Worth and Salary

The exact salary of Israel Gutierrez has not been disclosed, but if his career profile is anything to go by, it is safe to say that he has established himself as an impressive force in the industry. The sports journalist’s hard work and dedication have earned him not only fame but also financial rewards. He has amassed an impressive net worth, currently estimated at $5 million.

Is He Gay or Married to a Woman?

Until 2015, Israel Gutierrez was a happy private individual working in the sports industry. That year, the Around the Horn personality broke the hearts of many female fans when he publicly revealed that he is gay, engaged, and about to marry. Before this click, which revealed his entire life to the public, Israel had largely separated this part of his life from his professional career. Even more, before he came out, many people over the years had either correctly interpreted or guessed the sports reporter’s sexuality. In fact, he had come out to friends and family many years before he decided to finally go public. The main reason why Israel publicly came out as gay then was that he was already engaged and ready to make the covenant with his fiancé David Kitchen!

Is ESPN Israel Gutierrez Gay or Married? His Salary And Net Worth
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According to the sports journalist who made the big announcement in his blog, he and David met in 2009 and his life never stayed the same after that. The couple got engaged in February 2014 and exchanged their marriage vows more than a year later, in September 2015. Since then, Gutierrez and Kitchen have been together and are probably in a happier place, while also living their best lives to date. In fact, Guiterrez, who never fails to say that he is so happy with his sexuality and marriage, is also an activist willing to help the progress of the LGBT community.

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More facts about Israel Gutierrez

1. Besides the inspiration from the sidelines as a powerhouse on the football field, not many people know that Israel “Izzy” Gutierrez is also an athlete with impressive records. For example, he was a heavyweight in school and later a marathon runner and lifter. The self-trained marathon runner completed his first marathon in 2009.

2. Among the many professionals he has met in the course of his work, Israel Gutierrez counts the Chicago Bulls Guard Dwyane Wade as his absolute favorite athlete.

3. It’s no news that the ESPN on-air personality has an athletic physique and peculiar physical characteristics that can hardly go unnoticed. The gray-haired sports journalist stands tall at a height of 1.5 m 11 inches. However, his weight and other body measurements have not been made public.