Is Jon Michael Ecker Married, Who is His Wife, Girlfriend and Family?

Is Jon-Michael Ecker Married, Who is His Wife, Girlfriend and Family?

Hollywood is full of actors and actresses who are not particularly recognizable to the mainstream audience, but who are nevertheless talented practitioners of the arts and have found some success in it. One of them is Jon-Michael Ecker, an actor born of parents who also work in the entertainment industry.

Jon-Michael Ecker has been in the theatre since 2010 and during this time has worked on major projects such as Narcos, Queen of the South, Criminal Minds, and several others.

While he would undoubtedly look forward to appearing in more projects and beautifully crafted stories throughout his career, Jon-Michael Ecker has maintained an admirable filmography as an actor to date.

In this article, we will continue to explore his path as an actor, his background, and any other interesting information about him.

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Jon Michael Ecker Biography

Jon Michael Ecker was born on 16 March 1983 in San Marcos, Texas, the son of Guy Ecker and Nia Peeples. His parents were not together for a long time before they were separated.

Is Jon-Michael Ecker Married, Who is His Wife, Girlfriend and Family?
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Much of his background is unknown, but Jon Michael Ecker grew up to complete his education and earn a Bachelor’s degree in marine biology. Although he could have turned his studies into a career, Jon-Michael decided to become an actor instead. He took after his parents and began his journey in 2010 when he appeared in his first project as El Mundra on the television show Nina de mi Corazon.

The following year, Jon Michael Ecker starred in El Equipo as Mike in two episodes, and in the same year, he played the croupler in an episode of The Power of Fate.

Throughout his career, Jon-Michael Ecker repeatedly appeared in both English and Latin American projects, being connected with his Brazilian roots on his father’s side as well as his American roots on his mother’s side.

One of his early leading roles was in 2011 in Popland! where he played Ari Morales and appeared in a total of seventy episodes. His appearances on television shows will continue with Fearless Heart (2012) and an appearance in the Latino version of the famous series – Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl: Acapulco in 2013, where he played Nicolas, de la Vega.

His first major appearance in an English project was on the Netflix show Narcos, where he played a character called The Lion and starred in four episodes. He has also appeared in NCIS: New Orleans, Criminal Minds, Sideswiped and Queen of the South, where he played El Guero in twenty episodes.

Since his debut, Jon-Michael Ecker has not only had a beautiful face on a screen, but has also received awards, including a nomination for the Best Supporting Actor by Imagen Award for his work on the Queen of the South.

Who Are Jon Michael Ecker Family Members?

Jon-Michael Ecker can definitely say that he gets his acting genes from his parents, who are both recognized actors in the industry. His father is Guy Ecker, who is known for his work in telenovelas.

His father, who was born in Sao Paulo, is also an American, as he was born in the South American country as the son of American parents. Jon-Michael Ecker’s father has worked on projects such as Rosario, Eva Luna, and Las Vegas.

His mother, Nia Peeples, to whom his father was married for only three years, is also an actress known for works such as Pretty Little Liars, The Young and the Restless, Walker, Texas Ranger, and several others.

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After the separation of his parents, Jon-Michael Ecker’s family includes five stepbrothers and stepsisters, including two from his mother’s later marriages and three from his father’s marriage to Estela Sainz.

Is Jon-Michael Ecker Married, Who is His Wife, Girlfriend and Family?
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Is He Married? Who Is His Wife Or Girlfriend?

As someone who comes from a large family with a background of failed relationships, Jon-Michael Ecker has chosen to live a more conservative life than his father. He is not known in many relationships and has only been married to one woman, Barbara Mori, with whom he has been for a long time.

The couple had been in a relationship since 2012 and married in August 2014, and since then they have remained a couple without a scandal or controversy to speak of.

Other Facts About Jon Michael Ecker

His wife, Babara Mori, has a son from her former relationship with Sergio Mayer. The son is Sergio Mayer Mori.

Jon is a good-looking actor who is 1.20 m tall and weighs 75 kg. His well-chiseled face is complemented by dark brown full hair and hazel eyes.

Jon-Michel has a significant presence on social media with profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.