Is Kyyngg Gay Or Transgender? What Are His Girlfriend & Net Worth?

Is Kyyngg Gay Or Transgender? What Are His Girlfriend & Net Worth?

Kyyngg is an American music artist who is active in the Hip Hop/Rap genre. His albums include Hercules, Kyyngg Slime, Slime Season 4, Supa Kyyngg and Gamebread Volume 1, which was hosted by DJ New Era. Some of his songs are ‘So Brazy’ (in album Slime Season 3), ‘Booling With My Gang’ (in Slime Season 4), ‘Kant Relate’ (in Kyyngg Slime), ‘It Ain’t Easy’ (in Hercules) and ‘Bloodaz’ (single).

The rap king also owns three record labels, including Spinnup, Mad Era Entertainment Inc./Rapbay/Urbanlife Distribution, and Raw Entertainment. He has nearly 8,000 followers on Soundcloud, over 205,000 Instagram followers and over 32,000 subscribers on YouTube. Learn more about the rising star and why he is so famous.

Kyyngg Bio & Age

Born in 1995 as Kailus James in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America, Kyyngg celebrates his birthday every year on August 13. He is black by ethnicity and American by nationality. The rapper grew up with three siblings, of whom he is the oldest. The names of his siblings are not known to us, with the exception of the one with the stage name Prynce Montana (or just Prynce), who is also a rapper and with whom he has worked under the name “Da Pharaohs”. They continue their royal – or, as they call it, “raw-headed” – pun in their musical career.

Is Kyyngg Gay Or Transgender? What Are His Girlfriend & Net Worth?
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Kyyngg and his siblings are said to have been raised mainly by their mother. Although it is not obvious whether their parents were officially divorced or separated, their father was most often absent. So Kailus mostly remained the man of the house.

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On his birthday Kyyngg is a lion and so he is expected to be royal in every respect. He even connects his stage name with it and explains that ‘Kyyngg’ is a pun on ‘king’, while the lion and the sun (symbols for lion) are the kings of the jungle and the solar system respectively. He also tries to link this to how much he loves his mother, whom he considers his queen.

However, the above explanation, by the way, Kyyngg’s stage name has a story that is known to the media. He was apparently inspired by the condom brand Kyngg, which is owned by the sexual wellness company Lifestyles. The rapper originally spelled his stage name as ‘Kyng’ until he received a cease and desist warning from Lifestyles when he released his first solo mixtape. Then he changed to the current form of the name after he patented it. It seems that he finally realized that it should have been just ‘Kyyng’ because he started using it that way sometime in 2017. But then he had to return to the form he has a copyright on to avoid legal difficulties.

Kyyngg received a formal education at least up to high school. We know this because he stated in a certain interview that he started talking to girls in high school. Apart from that, however, we have no details about his educational history. Well, that brings us to the question of who his girlfriend is or whether he is gay or transgender, as some members of the public are wondering.

Kyyngg Net Worth

By March 2019, Kyyngg is expected to be worth $100,000. He earned this net worth mainly through his music albums, singles, and mixtapes and through his record companies, as already mentioned. It is expected that as the career of the upcoming rapper progresses, his net worth will increase in parallel.

Is Kyyngg Gay Or Transgender? What Are His Girlfriend & Net Worth?
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Who Is Kyyngg’s Girlfriend and Is He Gay Or Transgender?

It is public knowledge that Kyyngg has four children of three women. But no one seems to have any further details about his children or their mothers, except for strange details, like when the rapper was seen in a viral video, how he lets his children handle weapons.

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In any case, this fact tends to give an answer to one of the questions people ask about Kyyngg, namely if he is gay. He is certainly not gay. Instead, he is obviously the opposite of a gay: a man of women.

Then there are people who also spread the rumor that Kyyngg is transgender. But this rumor is very wrong because it’s rather his anonymous girlfriend who is rumored to be transgender.

So, who is Kyyngg’s girlfriend? In March 2017, the rapper announced that he wanted to start a web movie and introduced his girlfriend as part of the crew, saying that his girlfriend was ‘more evil’ than Nicki Minaj. But again, no one seems to have any further details about this his girlfriend (like her name), except the widespread rumor that she is transgender. But nobody has seen Kyyngg with the same girl, neither in social media nor in public, which leads many to the assumption that he just used her as a media stunt.