Is Scott Eastwood Dating Anyone, Who is The Girlfriend? Here are Facts

Is Scott Eastwood Dating Anyone, Who is The Girlfriend? Here are Facts

Before the world knew Scott Eastwood as his own, he lived in the shadow of his legendary father, Clint Eastwood. But he has moved away from that and today he has carved out a niche for himself in Hollywood with his 2018 film Pacific Rim: A rebellion is said to have ousted the Black Panther from first place to perform on an opening weekend.

Born on March 21, 1986, as Scott Clinton Reeves, the Texas chainsaw actor, and American model is the son of Clint Eastwood and Jacelyn Ann Reeves. Although he was born in Monterey County, California, the son of his mother, who was a flight attendant, and his father, who is a Hollywood legend due to his decades of work as an actor, film producer, and director, Eastwood grew up in Hawaii.

He still has several half-siblings – from both parents. His father, Clint Eastwood, had seven children, of whom he chose fourth. He also has a younger sister from both parents named Kathryn Reeves. His half-siblings from his father are Kimber Tunis, Kyle, Alison, Francesca, and Morgan Eastwood.

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After graduating high school in 2003, Scott Eastwood attended a community college in California – Santa Monica College – for two years before moving to Loyola Marymount University in 2005 to major in Communications. He graduated in 2008 with a diploma in this subject.

Is Scott Eastwood Dating Anyone, Who is The Girlfriend? Here are Facts
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Scott Eastwood Acting Career

Scott Eastwood began his acting career in 2006 in a film directed by his father entitled Flags of Our Vathers. In order to escape the shadow of his father, he took part in auditions under the name “Steve Reeves”, which is his birth name (on his mother’s side). He never wanted to get a role that he would never have deserved solely because of his father’s name, not even in his father’s productions.

He has starred in a number of films, including Gran Torino (2008), Invictus (2009), Enter Nowhere (2010), The Forger (2012), Trouble with the Curve (2012), Texas Chainsaw (2013), Fury (2014), Suicide Squad (2016), Snowden (2016), Walk of Fame (2017), The Fate of the Furious (2017), to name a few. His greatest work to date would be the sci-fi film Pacific Rim Uprising (2018), in which he portrayed Nate Lambert.

It was not until 2015 that Scoot asserted his claim that his voice would be heard in the industry. In the Longest Ride (2015) he finally stepped out of his father’s shadow. The film, which also starred Britt Robertson, was an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name. It was the film that announced his name to Hollywood directors and producers that he was serious about the industry. That same year, Eastwood was featured in Taylor Swift’s music video for the song “Wildest Dreams”.

Is He Related to Clint Eastwood?

Yes, Scott Eastwood is related to Clinton Eastwood because the latter is his father. Clint, born on May 31, 1930, is a legendary filmmaker who has been in the business for decades when he started out as an actor. He changed from being a pure actor to a director, making a lot of movies. He has participated in over 50 films as an actor, director, or producer. He has also written a few.

Is Scott Eastwood Dating Anyone, Who is The Girlfriend? Here are Facts
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Clint has a wealth of nominations and awards to show for his efforts. In 1994 he was honored as Commander of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres and in 2007 he received the Legion of Honor Medal; these are France’s highest civilian awards. He served as mayor of his own city, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

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Who is Scott Eastwood’s Girlfriend?

Scott Eastwood is not yet married and is also supposed to be single and currently concentrating on his career, but the handsome charmer has let the lives of a handful of beauties in the industry come and go. He had been talking about Jewel Brangman, his late girlfriend who was killed by the airbag of her car. He claims he was devastated at the time.

Relationship History: Is He Dating Anyone Now?

Eastwood’s first known relationship (which was unknown at the time) was with Sara Leal, better known as the chick who destroyed the marriage of Ashton Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore in 2011. We didn’t know that Scott was part of this love triangle until 2015 when he said this in a show with Andy Cohen.

He was dating the late Jewel Brangman in 2012 before she was killed in that crash by the car’s airbag. He moved on with Jana Kramer in 2003, but it only lasted 3 months, and then he met model Brittany Brousseau in 2014. They were together for about a year because in October 2015 Brittany spoke of “focusing on her career”.

There were rumors that he was with actress Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Diaries in 2016, as they were always seen together, but it remained a rumor as neither party confirmed or denied it. Adriana Lima was also liked with the handsome chunk, but it was known that he had started an affair with another model, Charlotte McKinney, in August 2016.

Hilary Duff and Maddie Serviente were also associated with the actor, the latter having gone on vacation with him in 2017. Today, however, there is nothing to be heard about them, and so it seems that not everything is fine there either.

Other Facts About Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood is not the only child on Clint Eastwood who has embraced his father’s showbiz life. Almost all of his children are in the business in one form or another, but most notable is his older sister, Alison Eastwood – who has starred in over 20 films.

He also works as a model and has performed with Davidoff Cool Water and Hugo Boss.

Before that he worked as a parking garage attendant, bartender, construction worker and would have become a fireman if he hadn’t made progress in acting.

He was a great friend of the late star of Fast and Furious, Paul Walker, and supports his charity Reach Out World Wide.
Scott is his father, a double of Clint Eastwood, especially in Clint’s younger years.