Is There Going to be ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 20? Everything We Know So Far
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For over fourteen years, Gordon Ramsay has trained, scolded and yelled at dozens of aspiring chefs, preparing them for the pressures and demands of running a restaurant. Year after year, the irascible and world-renowned chef has grilled many talented chefs and made them some of the most sought-after chefs in the industry. The reality competition series is one of the longest-running of its kind, and since the 18th season, which was completed in early 2019, many are wondering if the 20th season of Hell’s Kitchen is possible.

Hell’s Kitchen has come further than most shows have ever done, and it continues to attract consistently high ratings and high viewer numbers, which have undoubtedly inspired Fox Network to keep the series on the air for so long. During its acclaimed run, Hell’s Kitchen has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards and has received a number of other recognitions for the quality of the show and its entertainment value. We’ve compiled everything we know about the 20th season of Hell’s Kitchen and the fate of this beloved show.

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Background Details of the Show

The very first episode of this amazing television series was broadcast on 30 May 2005. Since then, 18 complete seasons of the series have been shot, and several spin-offs have used the popularity of Hell’s Kitchen to build a strong following of their own.

Hell’s Kitchen is a reality television show in which 12 to 20 budding chefs compete to emerge as winners and win the tasty prizes. The participants are weakened by the elimination process after a series of challenges until only one person is left. The show has built a reputation over the years thanks to the personality of its host, Gordon Ramsay, who is known for being easily upset and for loudly berating contestants when something is not done right.

Depending on the challenge, participants are judged on a number of factors, including the preparation of ingredients, taste tests, the preparation of the meal and the presentation. Those who stop at the end of the day will be awarded the coveted $250,000 cash prize and the opportunity to work as an executive or chef at a restaurant selected by Gordon Ramsay.

Is There Going to be Hell’s Kitchen Season 20?

Prepare yourself for a feast, because Fox had ordered an extra serving of Hell’s Kitchen. In February of this year, the station announced that there will be a Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 as the show will be extended for two more seasons. Currently, the shooting for the 19th season has already started, so that as soon as it is broadcasted and reaches its end, the 20th season will be broadcast.

Gordon Ramsay himself excitedly confirmed that more seasons of the wonderful show will come to excite all the senses. Other aspiring chefs will be going through the intense culinary academy under his guidance and will probably face his infamous wrath. Only those who are thick-skinned and can prove that they have the skills and stamina needed to run a kitchen will make it far into the competition in the coming seasons.

Currently, Hell’s Kitchen is the second most popular cooking show on television among audiences aged 18 to 49. Number one is the series 24 Hours to Hell and Back, also hosted by Gordon Ramsay. Fox also has other Ramsay shows on its program, including MasterChef and MasterChef Junior.

When Will Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 be Released?

It’s not clear when Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 will air, as it’s not yet in production, but we know for sure that there will be a Hell’s Kitchen Season 20. Filming for the 19th season of the show has already begun.

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Unlike the previous 18 seasons, the 19th and 20th seasons of the show will be filmed at Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant at Caesar’s Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. The restaurant opened in 2018 and is already considered one of the best and most popular establishments of its kind in the city.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 promises to be full of all the delicious dishes, challenges, rewards, punishments and all-round entertainment on which the show has built a legacy. As always, Ramsay will break the spirits of the contestants and make them better cooks than they were when they first walked through the doors of Hell’s Kitchen.