Is There ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 19 Or Is It Cancelled?
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When you hear the name “Hell’s Kitchen”, you probably think of the Marvel comic show “Daredevil” or the TV series “Gordon Ramsay’s Fox”, in which several chefs compete for the chance to win the $250,000 prize money while working in a serious restaurant. If you’re the latter, you’re probably wondering if Hell’s Kitchen will return for the 19th season after it celebrates its 18th season in February 2019.

Since Hell’s Kitchen has been aired on American television, American audiences have been able to enjoy two of their favorite things, reality TV and Gordon Ramsay yelling at grown-ups. With questions about a possible cancellation of the show, we answer everything you need to know about the 19th season of Hell’s Kitchen.

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Is There a Hell’s Kitchen Season 19?

In a world where TV bosses make decisions about which shows to keep on TV and which to cancel due to economic decisions, fans who emotionally invest in a show can go on a rollercoaster ride and wonder if their favorite show will be back on TV, and even after 18 seasons, that’s still a legitimate fear for Hell’s Kitchen fans.

Fortunately, the good news is that there will be a season 19 of Hell’s Kitchen. The show was extended in February 2019 for a 19th and 20th season, so fans can expect to see Gordon Ramsay in his element for at least two more seasons.

The show has been renewed after the show’s continued success as one of the most-watched shows on television, especially in the cooking show category. After the record 18 seasons, the season premiere was watched by 2.98 million people, while the finale was watched by 3.17 million viewers. With an expected seasonal average of 2.5 million viewers, Gordon Ramsay’s masterpiece continues to give the TV bosses plenty of reason to keep it on the air and continue receiving fans.

The season just ended, which was a season of rookies against the veterans, was won by Ariel Contreras-Fox, who defeated 16 other candidates, including Mia Castro, who finished second. She turned down her award as head chef of the Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and instead decided to return to her role as a concept chef for Dos Caminos. Read about other previous winners of the show here.

What We Know So Far

Here’s the not so good part of the good news. Hell’s Kitchen is expected to return in the 19th season, but not until 2020, so fans may have to wait a while before they see Gordon Ramsay cooking in the show.

The station has not yet announced an official air date, but considering that the last three seasons will premiere in September, the 19th season of Hell’s Kitchen could be rebroadcast during that time. Although this has not yet been officially confirmed by the station, the 19th season of the show has been recorded.

The show will not be rebroadcast until 2020, as Fox, the station hosting the show, has taken over WWE Smackdown Live, which will air on October 4 during Hell’s Kitchen’s regular airtime.

We also know that the 19th season of Hell’s Kitchen will be filmed at Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Previous seasons were filmed in Los Angeles on Hollywood studio premises.

Another notable information to remember about the 19th season of Hell’s Kitchen is the replacement of Sous Chef Jocky by Jay Santos, who finished second in the seventh season of the series and lost to Holli Ugalde. He will replace Jocky as Sous Chef of the blue team in the 19th and 20th season.

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A complete list of the expected celebrities and chefs as judges for the 19th season is still pending, but so far we know that Laurent Tourondel, Justene Alpert and Apolo Ohno will all participate in the show as judges.

As for the number of contestants that Hell’s Kitchen is expecting for the 19th season, fans are likely to see a continuation of the total of 16 chefs who appeared in the 18th season, with possibly two more candidates if the show deviates from the tradition of the past two seasons.