Isabella Jane Cruise Bio, Siblings & Facts About Tom Cruise’s Daughter

Isabella Jane Cruise – Bio, Siblings & Facts About Tom Cruise’s Daughter

When it comes to fame, sometimes you work for it, sometimes you stumble over it, and sometimes it is given to you. When you’re the daughter of two of the most famous actors in the world, fame is given to you as if it were part of your own existence. This is the story of Isabella Jane Cruise, daughter of Hollywood heavyweights Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise.

When it comes to her parents, there is no lack of information about them, who have worked for decades in Hollywood and at the top of their craft. Isabella Jane, on the other hand, grew up with her parents, who did their best to protect her from the prying eyes of the media, but since she has grown up, she has gone into business for herself.

Here is an article about everything you need to know about Isabella Jane Cruise. Read on to learn more.

Who is Isabella Jane Cruise and How Old is She?

Isabella Jane Cruise was born on December 22, 1992, in Miami, Florida. She is an adopted daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman and grew up with her brother Connor Cruise in Los Angeles.

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Isabella Jane grew up away from media attention and was taught at home. Although she dreamed of becoming a screenwriter, she instead studied art for her college education in London.

Isabella Jane Cruise Bio, Siblings & Facts About Tom Cruise’s Daughter
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In London, Isabella Jane completed a 12-month course at Sassoon Academy, where she learned the art of professional hairdressing. She also learned make-up and later joined the Delamar Academy of Make-Up & Hair, which is also based in London.

After completing her training, Isabella Jane Cruise decided to start a chain of make-up and styling academies and create her own fashion line.

While many expected Isabella Jane Cruise to return to Los Angeles, she decided to stay in London and live in Los Angeles, away from the glamour and attention of Hollywood. From the English capital, she continues to expand her business empire.


Isabella Jane Cruise is a married woman and she is married to a man named Max Parker. Not much is known about her husband except that he is a well-known IT consultant. The couple got married in 2015 in a very secret affair in which neither her father nor her mother was present.

The wedding ceremony was performed in accordance with Scientology beliefs and she has since moved to Croydon, London, where she lives with her husband.

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Isabella Jane Cruise is not the only child of father and mother. She has a brother, Connor, who was adopted by her parents. He was born on January 17th, 1995. Connor is an actor like her parents.

After their divorce, Isabella Jane Cruise has gained half-siblings from the later relationships of both parents, one of whom is Suri, a half-sister from the marriage of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Through her mother, she has two half-sisters, Faith Margaret and Sunday Rose, born to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.

Isabella Jane Cruise Bio, Siblings & Facts About Tom Cruise’s Daughter
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More interesting facts about Isabella Jane Cruise

1. When Isabella Jane Cruise was growing up, she dealt with her own share of problems, including depression and anxiety, which developed after her parent’s divorce when she was nine years old. The divorce had a negative effect on her relationship with her mother, and for several years she reportedly refused to call her mother.

2. Her biological mother is also a member of the Scientology religion and she gave her up because she lacked the financial means to care for her. She was born in a hospital in Miami, Florida.

3. Her father, Tom Cruise, is known for a number of popular and iconic films, including Top Gun, the Mission Impossible series, and Jack Reacher. Her mother, Nicole Kidman, is known for works such as Big Little Lies, Eyes Wide Shut, Moulin Rouge!, The Others and several others.

4. Isabella was adopted after her parents, Tom and Nicole, were repeatedly unable to have children due to Nicole’s miscarriages and her strong desire to have a child of her own.

5. Although she does not work in the lucrative field of acting like her parents or her brother, Isabella Jane Cruise has been able to maintain a personal net worth in the region of $5 million. She allegedly lives a modest life in a one-bedroom apartment with her husband. Her parents have a combined net worth of $700 million, with her father Tom holding the largest share at $570 million.