James Drury Spouse, Wife, Net Worth & Children
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If you ever meet people discussing a successful professional actor who has ventured into the oil and gas business, it is very likely that James Drury is the topic of discussion. The actor known as “True Virginian” was very successful in the film industry after his outstanding title role in America’s first 90-minute western television series “The Virginian”, which was broadcast on NBC for almost a decade from 1962 until his retirement from professional acting. This led to him being inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers at the Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City in the United States of America. Read on as we learn more about the American-born actor and businessman.

James Drury Bio & Age

He was born on 18 April 1934 in New York City as the only known child of Beatrice Crawford Drury and James Child Drury Sr. Although born in New York City, Drury spent part of his childhood on his family’s Oregon ranch, run by James’ mother and maternal grandfather. He and his family moved there when he was just 6 weeks old. This explains his love of horses and outdoor life.

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His family commuted frequently between New York City and Oregon during his childhood. He enrolled at New York University where his father, James Sr, was a marketing professor studying theater. He graduated from the prestigious University of California after attending additional courses. It is said that James Drury began his acting career at the tender age of eight and made his professional debut at the age of 12 when he starred in the production of Life with Father by a street company.

James Drury Spouse, Wife, Net Worth & Children
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He later signed a film contract with Metro-Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) in 1954 and appeared in small roles in films. After that, he went to 20th Century Fox and appeared in “Love Me Tender” in 1956 and in “Bernardine” the following year. He also appeared in other TV series like “The Rebel”, “Death Valley Days”, “Private Detective” and “Richard Diamond”. That’s not all, the man played various roles in Walt Disney productions, and later he played Billy Hammond in the 1962 western movie “Ride the High Country” directed by Sam Peckinpah.

What followed was his big breakthrough as The Virginian in the American western series The Virginian by NBC. The portrayal of the ranch foreman in the series brought James Drury a lot of attention, which gave his career a nice boost.

What Is His Net Worth?

The US-born actor has an estimated net worth of over $1 million. The source of his wealth is mainly attributed to his decades-long acting career and other business ventures. Drury entered the oil and gas business in Houston, Texas, almost at the end of his acting career, but the earnings from this company remain unknown and are not part of his estimated net worth.

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James Drury’s Spouse/Wife and Children

As is common with other celebrities in the entertainment industry, Drury’s personal life has been put to the test after his many relationships and failed marriages. The acclaimed actor has had several relationships, most of which have not been made public, while some have come under the public eye. He has been married three times; his first marriage, which produced his only known two children, was with Cristall Orton on February 7, 1957, and the marriage lasted only seven years.

James Drury Spouse, Wife, Net Worth & Children
Image source

A few years later, in 1968, he married Phyllis Jacqueline Mitchel; the marriage ended on January 30, 1979, and lasted over 10 years.

The child married Mary Ann the same year that he ended his marriage to Phyllis. The wedding took place on July 30, 1979, and the two have been together ever since. One of his children with his first wife, Timothy Drury, is a well-known instrumentalist who has performed alongside top acts. Nothing is known about his other child.

James Drury Height and Other Body Measurements

James Drury has a pronounced height of about 1.83 m. Although the tall actor is not as fit as he used to be due to his age, he still looks a little agile. The weight of the actor and other body measurements are not known.